Monday, December 10, 2012

Mi alma se delita en las cosas del Señor

December 10, 2012
Mi alma se delita en las cosas del Señor
(My soul delights in the things of the Lord)
Hola Familia Mia! 
Como estan?  Esta Todo Bien aqui! 

This week has been great; so much has happened here it seems like last week was forever ago. Lets start off from last Tuesday. On Tuesday we were able to hear from Elder Hooker. He is a member of the Seventy and a member of the area presidency. It was a great meeting. It was so full of the spirit and we were able to learn lots from President and Hermana Turk, and Elder and Hermana Hooker. Its so amazing how the church is growing. And it is even going to expand more. Yea for Missionary work, and yea for working with members! 

There is another exciting thing that happened! We had ward council this week!!! I know that it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it is! Having ward council is the key to success! In the past 6 months all the wards have been asked to have ward council every week. Its a time when all of the leaders of the ward can get together to help out and to share ideas, and plan the best ways to help out the members.  We have been trying for a while to help our ward have ward council.  Normally it is usually just the bishop or one of his counselors that meet together. Well yesterday during sacrament meeting the bishop announced that we were having ward council at 5. Yea!! We were shocked and it was the miracle that we had been praying for. And it was great! The ward has some great new goals for this next year, and it was just what we needed to start 2013 off right! 

We have been working hard this week. We have been getting to know the new part of our area, we have found some great new investigators and are excited because the members up there.  They are really excited to help us out. As we walked down the street there were members calling us from their houses to come in. They were also presenting us to their friends and neighbors. :)

About a month ago the elders in our ward had a baptism. Hno Pacheco. He has lots of friends in Utah, and he was actually a reference from there. The missionaries have been visiting him for about a year. Well he finally got baptized. And he just had an interview yesterday, and is getting the priesthood this next Sunday. :) Also we are teaching his wife and daughter. His wife wants to get baptized but she wants to wait for her daughter. So we are working hard with them, we need to get more confidence from Roxana (their daughter) so this week, I’ll be helping her with her English homework, who knew it would be so useful to speak English. (but I have realized how much grammar I have forgotten oops)

So that has pretty much been our week. I love being a missionary. I love Peru. I love my family. I love Christmas. (Here they don’t really celebrate Christmas until like the 20th, its different, but I love spreading Christmas cheer. It’s the best!)

I love you all so much! 
I am so grateful for the miracles that I have in my life! I am grateful that I have had my eyes opened to see the miracles that are around us everyday!

Smile! Be Happy! Share! Pray!!! LOVE!!!!

Love you LOTS!!
Hna Sandstrom!! 

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