Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Feliz Navidad, Un Prospero Año de Felizidad

 December 24 2012

I cant wait, Im so excited to talk to you TOMORROW.

This past week has been the greatest! I am now understanding why Christmas in the mission is so great. The spirit is just flowing.

So the day before we had our big christmas program in the town square, my companion and the other hnas  in our zone remembered that they didn´t have a white shirt to use for the program. So Hermana Turk said that she was going take us shopping and then to lunch. I was going along to translate. :)  And as we were walking in the mall, she said that if the hermanas could get their shirts all in one store and fast, then we would go to chilis for lunch! I about died. My mouth was watering! And guess what....they did. It was one of the best Christmas Presents Ever!!! So delicious. Its funny how the littlest things can make you happy!

We had our Christmas celebration with President and Hermana Turk on Thursday. It was great. We had a devotional in the morning; which was incredible. They talked about three of the best gifts that we have been given. 1. Book of Mormon 2. The Holy Ghost and 3. Jesus Christ

The spirit was so strong as some of the missionaries shared their testimonies. It was so powerful. And it just kept getting better! Then we celebrated our goal and ate cake before lunch. After lunch at Roky´s we were off to practice for the Christmas Program. It was awesome. It was so fun to see Elders and Hermanas that I haven´t seen in a while. I love them all!!!

I love this time of year to remember our Savior and the example that he has set for me. I can learn to become more like him everyday. He showed us the way. We can choose everyday to follow the example of our older brother.

I am so grateful for this gospel, and for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I know that he suffered for my sins, afflictions, pains and struggles. He knows me and He can help me be better everyday.  I´m grateful for this time of year; a time we have to remember him.

I love you all my Peruvian heart!  
Talk to you soon!!!
Les AMO!
Hna Sandstrom

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