Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I will never change

So I know I keep committing to be better at this blogging stuff. But oh well, I'm too busy playing than writing on my blog. So this is what has been going on in the past month....
I finished my classes with A-'s. I'm happy!
I bought a car! I feel so grown up!
I managed to be a clutz and sprain my ankle on the stairs on campus. 
Then we partied it up at Lagoon! 

And to finish off June, we couldn't forget Strawberry Days Rodeo :)
Now on to the next adventure.... stay tuned

Monday, June 3, 2013

Boating and Peru Throwback

So this past week, I decided it is time to break out the boat. We had the family over and we got it cleaned. 

So I found a couple people who would want to come. They were good sports, but too bad that the boat broke down before we could even jump in the water. 

Then the next day my bestie from the miss, came to visit me. Erynn Shearmama! It was the best! We had some lunch, went to the outlets, got some snow cones.... So many laughs! 

We also made some peruvian food, Lomo Saltado. 

We found a fellow RM from Trujillo in highland and he joined us in the Food Concoction!

Then the real fun got started. We dyed the hair.... oh my. 

 ( I was a red head for a little bit) 

And Here is the before and after shot. Oh the adventures! 
Love you Shearmama!!