Monday, September 23, 2013

As of Lately

Well here you go, my life again in pictures. Haha Its easier for me to write a thousand words with my camera. :) 

Connor Playing Football, and Dad wearing red for the first time ever! 

Lunch with my girls, and meandering through the Latin Festival. 

Labor Day hike with Kaitlyn and Christina, and my family. 

Inside Timp Cave

Before the Texas game, as the rain rolled in. 

We looked like we just jumped in a swimming pool, fully clothed. 

Leaving P Town, heading to LA. 
A little side note on this one. Kaitlyn's Dad is the stake president in LA and her mom called (thursday night) and said that President Uchtdorf might be at conference on Sunday. 
So we took of Friday after work.... 

Hitting the beach


Heading home after the Conference and Lunch

Park City with my Brother P

Doing puzzles with my girl Erynn

Waiting for 5 hours to watch our cougars loose.
 Maybe I'll update again soon, but it might be another while. :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First week of school

So school has just begun and I already feel like this....

No major causes just little things all adding up with-in a three days time. 
But I'm hoping this weekend I can just relax and get a grip on everything. 
I think i have successfully reorganized my class schedule, almost gotten all of my textbooks, successfully managed to walk into the wrong class (twice), and now I just need to get my work schedule figured out. 

I am confident that the whole semester won't be this way. But I do know for sure that Fall semester is definitely CRAZIER than Spring block. Who knew? 

Anyways I know life will calm down someday, but here is to a new start! 
(Ps I have fabulous roommates)
Here is a Classic First Day of School Picture for you. (this is before the craziness started!)

Its going to be a good semester!!