Saturday, February 1, 2014


So here is a run down of my January Happenin's

When I was little, we went to Jungle Jims all the time. We recreated
some memories with Cooper and Cruz. 

Ice Castles in Midway with Amanda! 
Bridal shower for my Bestie!! 

#BWE Intermural Innertube Water Polo Team

Throw Back Ball - Elders Quorum Appreciation Dinner 

We look fabulous! 

Korean Food with Park Plaza People! 

And Peruvian Food with my mission peeps!

Its been a fabulous month and a great beginning to the new year!!
There are some great adventures ahead.... oh and I still need to show you my trip to Guatemala! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Story of My Life

So it seems like the theme of the last couple of posts on my blog have been about catching up. Growing up life was always busy, it was great, we were always on fabulous adventures. And on the mission, life was the same. We were exhausted getting into bed every night. Well the past 9 months since I have been home have not been any different. (Did you catch that??? I have been home for 9 and a half months now!!! So weird!!)

So since a pictures speak a thousand words, I'll let them tell you what I have been up to. (Get ready for picture overload...) You've been warned.


I walked 27 miles from Alpine to the Salt Lake Temple with my singles ward, in memory of John
Rowe Moyle. He walked it every week to work on the temple construction.

Hermana Corenlio came to visit! 

Brian Felt and I help to surprise Erynn with a proposal
from Marvin. 
The Mission Reunion!! So good to see people! 

These two cuties were baptized!!


I was reunited with this kid after not seeing each other for 3 years!  
Uncle Matt has been sent over seas for a year.
Pray for him! 

Hufflepuff won the house cup!! 

The Boston Red Sox won the house cup! 

This cute girl got married!! 

We went to Disneyland with our neighbors! 


Annual Christmas Tree Hunting... we brought home 4!

So great seeing these boys again, and meetin Carrie!

Aggies vs Cougars! 

Does Cael look great in his Peruvian hat!

Ward Christmas Party with Bishop Santa 

Office work party, I love these guys!
Service Project with Sunshine Heros 
Independence IWA reunion! 

Christmas Day!! 

Just a little skiing with the family! 

Ashley's Wedding Day! The fabulous three

Baptisms at Draper Temple, with these two youngins'

Monday, September 23, 2013

As of Lately

Well here you go, my life again in pictures. Haha Its easier for me to write a thousand words with my camera. :) 

Connor Playing Football, and Dad wearing red for the first time ever! 

Lunch with my girls, and meandering through the Latin Festival. 

Labor Day hike with Kaitlyn and Christina, and my family. 

Inside Timp Cave

Before the Texas game, as the rain rolled in. 

We looked like we just jumped in a swimming pool, fully clothed. 

Leaving P Town, heading to LA. 
A little side note on this one. Kaitlyn's Dad is the stake president in LA and her mom called (thursday night) and said that President Uchtdorf might be at conference on Sunday. 
So we took of Friday after work.... 

Hitting the beach


Heading home after the Conference and Lunch

Park City with my Brother P

Doing puzzles with my girl Erynn

Waiting for 5 hours to watch our cougars loose.
 Maybe I'll update again soon, but it might be another while. :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First week of school

So school has just begun and I already feel like this....

No major causes just little things all adding up with-in a three days time. 
But I'm hoping this weekend I can just relax and get a grip on everything. 
I think i have successfully reorganized my class schedule, almost gotten all of my textbooks, successfully managed to walk into the wrong class (twice), and now I just need to get my work schedule figured out. 

I am confident that the whole semester won't be this way. But I do know for sure that Fall semester is definitely CRAZIER than Spring block. Who knew? 

Anyways I know life will calm down someday, but here is to a new start! 
(Ps I have fabulous roommates)
Here is a Classic First Day of School Picture for you. (this is before the craziness started!)

Its going to be a good semester!! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Playin' with my Pals!

I am so very blessed to have my bestie living with me! Its so scary how often we say and think the same the same. I love being with her! We have been having some fun with our friends in our ward and other mission friends. 
I love playing, and believe that it is always time to play. And everyone of all ages should play! 

Weekly Temple Trips!

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo with the FHE Group

Pre-Park City reunion on the Alpine Slide

Me and My Fabulous lil'Sister Ellie! I love you girl!

Happy Independence Day Peru!! We got together with these lovely ladies to make Peruvian Food,
It didn't turn out perfectly, but it tasted good. 

This summer we have been celebrating alot of the un-known national holidays.
This one is National Cheesecake Day!
Best Raspberry Cheesecake Shake... JCW's

And one of my favorite parts of summer is being out on the water with the pretty yellow boat. 
After a couple attempts this past week, We finally made it out on the lake. :)

Awkward Photo, after 20 attemps with our eyes open and Pheobe in the pciture. 

Here is to a couple more weeks of Summer!!! Only a couple more to go before school starts.
And something weird... I'm not completely dreading school this fall.