Saturday, August 3, 2013

Playin' with my Pals!

I am so very blessed to have my bestie living with me! Its so scary how often we say and think the same the same. I love being with her! We have been having some fun with our friends in our ward and other mission friends. 
I love playing, and believe that it is always time to play. And everyone of all ages should play! 

Weekly Temple Trips!

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo with the FHE Group

Pre-Park City reunion on the Alpine Slide

Me and My Fabulous lil'Sister Ellie! I love you girl!

Happy Independence Day Peru!! We got together with these lovely ladies to make Peruvian Food,
It didn't turn out perfectly, but it tasted good. 

This summer we have been celebrating alot of the un-known national holidays.
This one is National Cheesecake Day!
Best Raspberry Cheesecake Shake... JCW's

And one of my favorite parts of summer is being out on the water with the pretty yellow boat. 
After a couple attempts this past week, We finally made it out on the lake. :)

Awkward Photo, after 20 attemps with our eyes open and Pheobe in the pciture. 

Here is to a couple more weeks of Summer!!! Only a couple more to go before school starts.
And something weird... I'm not completely dreading school this fall.