Monday, May 23, 2011

To the Battlements!!

So, In a couple of weeks our ward is going to be split up and things will be changing. Majorly. 
So for one last adventure we all went to St. George. The whole trip was evolved around the temple. We stayed with host families. Our family was the greatest. They stocked the fridge for us, and gave us their whole basement. 

Our stash of food, for two girls. for two nights. WOW

Then we went on a hike to the temple quarries. It was an awesome hike! We had little vignettes and testimonies all along the way. 

After Lunch we went to the temple. I ended up doing Sealings with a big group from my ward. It was such an amazing experience! I thought it would be weird, having not being sealed myself, but it wasn't. It was so amazing to hear those covenants and promises that I will someday be making. It makes me so excited. :)

Austi and I

Our Sealings group! Brother and Sister Dahl, Austi, Adam, Michelle
Joe, Me, Taylor, Candice and Adam. 

Austi was homesick for palm trees!

The St. George Temple! I love this temple it was so gorgeous inside. I love the history and architecture was awesome!
Also those little things on the top, are called battlements. They use to be chimneys  of houses in They are pretty great piece of history. Haha, They come in peppermint or spearmint. :)
After the temple we had dinner and games and also a fireside with another singles ward from hurricane. 

That night after the games and fireside. Our host family asked if we had looked in their closets. We hadn't so that night we decided to explore. We found a closet full or leather jackets and helmets. We had a blast trying them on. We are so great! I love these girls!! 

The next day we went back to temple and this time we all did an endowment session. It was so great. I love the temple. After the session, Austi, Taylor, Chris and I stayed back and hung out in the celestial room. It was great. We had some great discussions, and we began closer friends. If you haven't caught it yet, I love the temple. 

We went to the beach at Sand Hollow Reservoir. It was a great day. We played a three court/two ball game of volleyball, poison stump, and we had lunch. We had a great afternoon, with the sun and great friends. 

We had some difficulties leaving. I think something was telling us to stay. haha. First off, the Gish's locked their keys in the car. It took about an hour to get them out. After AAA had been called, Taylor and Jake finally got them out after one last try. It was a miracle. So everybody took off, except for our car and Jake's. Jake had to re arrange his truck, so we waited for them. 

After we got the truck loaded, we thought we good to go. Next stop free dinner at Cafe Rio in Cedar City. Ha! Little did we know! After we passed the last service exit for 15 miles, the car started to jerk.  Yep, we were out of gas and the suburban was a diesel. Ya so the car was shot. Luckily we were with the best mechanic. We chilled on the side of the road for a while before Jake and Paul brought us some gas. Then taylor tried to fix it, but it was a no go. He needed a wrench. so Jake towed us to New Harmony and with the help of the wrench, and some more gas. We were good to go! Then after that (two and a half hours later) we were in Cedar City. We had a delicious dinner and were finally on our way. Not that any of us want to go home. We were having a blast. 

I had such a great time on this trip. I made some great friendships and learned so much!! My eyes were opened in the temple and it made me so excited. I was able to learn more about preparing for my mission. It was so helpful. I was able to learn more about being a sister missionary and also more about south america and the people that are there. I was able to learn how to best serve them, and how to teach them in best ways. I'm so grateful for this trip.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore

So the past couple of weeks it has not felt like May in Utah. It has been raining non stop for weeks. It feels like Portland. But even with the rain, we have found plenty of things to do to have fun! 
I started out my break by deep cleaning my room, and sorting through all of my clothes. I packed up all of my winter stuff. Sweaters, boots, coats, ski stuff and all. It was great, but wow. One person should not have this much crap. We sent lots of bags and boxes to DI. It was a great feeling. 

One day I picked up these two lovely girls from gymnastics and we went to this monkey jungle gym. We had so much fun bouncing around and sliding down the slides. I loves these guys so much! 

So before my mission I have a goal to go to the temple 30 times. I am going at a pretty good speed. My mom and I also want to go to all of the temples in Utah. I have over half of them done. Last week I went to Bountiful with my mom, Draper with my mom and Brandi, and then I went to Jordan River with my friend Brynne Davis. 

When we came out of the temple it was snowing like crazy! 

Then Before the week was over, I went to lunch with these two lovely ladies!! They are the greatest. I don't know what I would do with out them. I'm going to miss them so much! 

Monday, May 9, 2011


I have been called to the Peru Trujillo Mission, spanish speaking, and I leave September 14th. I Opened my call on Saturday May 7th. My parents had been out of town and I waited for them to open it. We had all of my close family and friends over, and many on the phone and skype. It was a great day! 
I was completely shocked!! But I am stoked!!

Peru here I come!!! 

Sorry they are in a weird order but oh well.