Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feliz Navidad

Dec 17, 2012
Hola Familia Mia! Como Estan?

Feliz Cumpleaños Connor!!! I can’t believe that you are going to be teenager! Ahhh! Stop growing up!  

This week has been great, hard but great. So it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas here. It’s so hot! The tan lines are coming in and we are sweating like crazy! But I am feeling the Christmas Spirit! 

Thank You so much for the Christmas Packages. I love them! I’m so excited to share the gifts with the little kids here. I even let some little kids in church play with the quiet folders and sewing cards during sacrament meeting on Sunday. So fun! Thank you so much! 

The work this week has been awesome! We have been working really hard, and we are starting to get a hang of the new area. It’s all on an incline, but we are getting to know the streets and the people. The members are willing to help us and love the missionaries. But it was another tough week finding people in their homes.  The first couple of days were really long and we didn’t find anybody.  But Thursday, Friday and Saturday we found people!

I keep being reminded of the Conference Talk about the Lord being the Gardener and cutting us back because he knows what he wants us to be and who we can become. I love this talk and how it applies to me right now. Right now I am studying chapter 6 in preach my gospel and it’s all about Christ-like attributes.  And I think this is what I need to learn. To realize that it’s all in the Lords hands and that He is going to help us, but we need to be humble and patient and full of love and charity. So much to learn! I love it! 

This next we have lots of Christmas stuff going on. It’s funny here, because they only start getting ready for Christmas about a week before the big day. In the states they are just dying to get started on Christmas, just waiting for thanksgiving to get over. haha.  We are singing Thursday – half of the missionaries in the town center, it should be great fun.  We will have a devotional with President and Hna Turk that day too.  Friday is the ward Christmas party. Then Monday is Christmas eve! yay! Here they don’t wake up early. They all stay up until midnight Christmas eve and then have a big dinner together, then the visit all of their family. So the party starts Monday night. Its fun! And there are lots of fireworks that go off too. It will be a great view from the sixth floor! 

I love you all! And hope that you are enjoying the spirit of Christmas! I love this time of year. People change, they are happier, we express more love! Why can’t it be Christmas all year round! 

Loves and Hugs!  Hermana Sandstrom 

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