Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WOW - one year

Sept 10 2012
Hola Familia Mia!

Como Estan? Yo espero que todo esta bien con ustedes! 

All is good here. Im back in the city and trying to get use to the stubbernness of the people again. Haha
I am loving my new companion. She is awesome. Its really weird to be with a north american but we are having a great time, and im really happy.  We live with this family in their apartment building, but we live on the 5th floor. That was really fun carrying my suitcases up.... not.  We have made some great plans for this change and how we can help the ward be more involved missionary work. 

So we have a couple of investigators that we are working with. The first one is Fernando. He is so funny. He is a man of about 50, but he has some pretty weird beliefs. He believes that he doesnt have any sins. So that means he doesn´t need to repent. So funny. Also he misses so much the last Hermana that was here. In every lesson he says that he needs her to come back becuase she is the only one that can help him change. He´s in lvoe with her. Its Hermana Lujan this and Hermana Lujan that. I wish she would come back just so he will be baptized. But he did have is baptismal interview this past week, so hopefully we can keep him convinced that he should be baptized now, and not so far in the future.  Wish me luck this week with him. 

Also we have Jhoana. Her mom is a member, but didn´t learn anything before she was baptized. She wants her daughter to be baptized in lots of diferent churches just to makesure that she is covered. She just thinks that everytime you get baptized you get more blessings. Its weird. But her daughter is awesome. She has been coming to church for a while and loves it, she went to the church for years when she lived in Chiclayo. so we are hoping to get her permission here soon.
So thats been our week.
I was incredibly sad to leave Chimbote. We had a family home evening before I left and alot of the ward came. It was sad to say goodbye. Even though I know it will only be until april, but still. I love them so much. It was heart wrenchig to say goodbye to roger and pilar. This family is amazing. They are so strong in the church, applying everything they have learned.
Until Next Week.
Take care of yourselves!!!
Hna Sandstrom
THis internet place won´t let me load pictures. :(  I´ll send double next week.

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