Monday, September 17, 2012

One year older and wiser too

One year older and wiser too....espero que SI (I hope so)
Sep 17 2012
Hola Familia Mia! 
Como estan?

Tengo muchas noticias para ustedes! This past week has been great! We had the opportunity to go teaching with president. It was loads of fun! We had a couple of great lessons and it was awesome to hear president teach. It was very powerful. He was also able to give our pensionista a blessing. She has been the pensionista in our ward for 20 years. She has been having some random pains in her body and wanted a blessing. It was a great surprise for her. Also her husband has Alzheimer’s and it is sad for him to start forgetting things. But its great that he can still do things, and his memory is actually getting better. 

Fernando is the one without the tie- far right
Another great thing that happened this past week is that Fernando got baptized! He was still a little wishy washy during the week. He was seriously so convinced that Hna Lujan was going to come back for him. But as we helped build his faith and he was supported by other people; he realized why he needed to do this. It was amazing! His prayers are so sweet. You can tell that he believes that his Heavenly Father is listening. And he really reads, not all of the times when we leave stuff for people to read do they really read. But Fernando does! He can pull out the coolest things, and knows how to apply them. Sometimes he is a little off because he is so shy. 

His baptism was interesting. His friend in the ward Fedrico baptized him, but he had never done it before. So it took a while in the font, and he had to be dunked 3 times. (oh side note, the water here in the baptism fonts is freezing!!) But he was successfully baptized and is happy!. 

This past week I completed a year in the mission. I can´t believe how fast time flies. I can´t believe that I am a different person than I was before. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve a mission, and to learn from all of the people here in Peru. 

I love that I have an eternal family that can help me through all of my struggles. I am so grateful that I have this comforting knowledge that no matter what storm comes my way-- I have a great support system. I am so grateful that my parents are sealed in the temple and that they have always been teaching me by example. I didn´t realize how important that was, until I have seen the opposite. I am grateful for the priesthood that I have had in my home and that my dad was always worthy to give me a blessing and to lead our home. Thanks mom and dad, and con and park. Love you :)

I am so grateful for all of you! 

Until next week  :)
Hna Sandstrom 

Con and P, look what I found at the Bishops house yesterday ... Harry Potter in spanish.  haha made me think of you two

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