Thursday, September 5, 2013

First week of school

So school has just begun and I already feel like this....

No major causes just little things all adding up with-in a three days time. 
But I'm hoping this weekend I can just relax and get a grip on everything. 
I think i have successfully reorganized my class schedule, almost gotten all of my textbooks, successfully managed to walk into the wrong class (twice), and now I just need to get my work schedule figured out. 

I am confident that the whole semester won't be this way. But I do know for sure that Fall semester is definitely CRAZIER than Spring block. Who knew? 

Anyways I know life will calm down someday, but here is to a new start! 
(Ps I have fabulous roommates)
Here is a Classic First Day of School Picture for you. (this is before the craziness started!)

Its going to be a good semester!! 

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