Friday, April 12, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things... Shopping!

Well its Mike's turn to write for the blog and we saved it for one of Mike's favorite activities - Shopping!  Not! (sorry to bring back the vernacular of the past but it was appropriate).  This was a day for us to get all of the things from Trujillo before we move on in our adventure.

Squished in the back of a taxi

The day started by us walking through one of Kaylee's last areas on our way to a big, nice outdoor shopping mall. We started out in Saga Falabela (like a big Macy´s). We were looking for a new SD camera card so we could continue capturing all of the wonderful pictures that we are getting. Then we were off to a nice clothing store to pick up some Peru shirts that have the latest Peru insignia representing the country.

After checking out the latest shoe and soccer related clothing in the Nike and Adidas stores, back to the Saga Falabela store for some Peruvian snacks (we'll see if they make them home or we eat  them first.)

After we left this upscale mall, we made our way to an traditional market.  Here our family found treasures that we didn't know we needed. It seems like everyone (except yours truly) found something they just had to have. Parker set his sites on a chess set that had Peruvian characters. Connor found a backpack made out of Peruvian cloth. Tammy found a Peruvian nativity and other assorted knick knacks. Kaylee, Connor, and Parker also found excellent deals on duffle bags. Everyone left happy with their treasures.  

Tammy after a successful shopping trip

We then hopped in a taxi to go over to a big mall to meet a young women that is preparing for a mission to Morida, Mexico. (We were leaving two big suitcases and clothes for her and another young women that are preparing for missions.)  We met her and had personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut. After the boys had had their fill of Inca Cola (a yellow, bubble gum flavored soda pop) we were back to our hotel to get the luggage and clothes for this young woman.

After she was on her way we left to go visit one of Kaylee's recent converts. This was a mother and her young daughter. Very nice family with a strong testimony and she said that since the gospel in her life, she feels much better about life. Kaylee had gathered a few gifts for these families as we visit with them. This lady in return started pulling gifts (small Peruvian boats for the boys) off her wall, the vase of flowers off the fridge and blankets from the other room as gifts for us.
Maribel and Mercy

We left her house and made our way to an outdoor market for the boys to get outfitted with soccer clothes. After Connor, Parker, and Kaylee had  got new jerseys, shorts, and jackets, we were on our way to pick up our laundry so we would all smell better for our remaining visits.

That evening we visited with two young families who helped them out alot. One was her first Pensionista and the other is now the Pensionista for the Sisters. Both of these families had young children that the boys enjoyed spending time with. The twelve year old son at the one familiy was preparing for an English test the next day. The boys helped him prepare for the test. They also used Google translate to communicate with each other. This kept them busy for most of the visit.  We didn't get their till late but we had a pizza with them that was actually quite good. Half of it was Hawaiian and the other half was Carne (several different meats). It was getting quite late by the time we were ready to leave so they had a member that lived in their area give us a ride home to the hotel.

Connor with Luciana

Anticona Family

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