Saturday, April 13, 2013

Leaving Trujillo

Well Mike was lucky enough to get another day of blog writing.

 On Friday morning we got up and prepared to leave our hotel. This might be a surprise to some, but when we travel, we have a tendency to travel with more bags than we need. We are currently traveling with ten suitcases (which has required additional fees at the airport but that is a whole other topic). We brought eight suitcases from Utah with plans on leaving some for the members here. Well Kaylee had three when we picked her up. She gave one to a member, and we actually got rid of three that we brought from Utah, so we found us down to seven suitcases (yipee!).
Traveling Light
However as we prepared to pack, we found we needed another suitcase to collect all of our stuff. So we eventually ended up back at the same market as yesterday to get a new suitcase to gather our belongings. We took all of our bags and headed off to one of Kaylee's pensionistas so that we could leave them until we needed to go to the airport.

After we dropped the bags off, we headed off to the Mosiac wall and the  Plaza de Armas. The Mosiac Wall is a wall that surrounds one of the universities in Trujillo.  A professor had started a project by making an illustration one one of the walls in mosiac tiles. The project was such as success that the university has commissioned him to create the history of Peru around the whole perimeter of the university.  From here we made our way to the plaza, which is a famous square in Trujillo. From here we walked to the mission office to pick up some last minute things they had for Kaylee.

The Mosaic Wall 
After this short sightseeing trip, we were off to church for a special occasion. One of Kaylee's investigators had decided to get baptized before Kaylee left. She is an older lady that they have been teaching for about six weeks. Great opportunity for the boys to see what her mission has been all about.  Not a large crowd at the church, but enough for a nice baptismal service.

Her Last Baptism with Francisca, Hna Bedoya, and Hna Bedoya
After the service, we made our way back to the pensionistas house for lunch before we headed to the airport. Lunch was a collection of 'Chifa' food.  We had Chifa on our second night here in the country. Chifa is a fusion between Chinese and Peruvian food. Kaylee said that this was one of her favorite dishes from this pensionistas.  (A sidenote, Kaylee has been with this pensionista for seven and a half months and it was an emotional separation when we left.)

After lunch we made our way to the airport with all of our bags on our way back to Lima.  A short flight of about 40 minutes we touched down in Lima. The hotel that we were planning on staying in had a bus there to pick us up and bring us to Miraflores. This is a beautiful location just off the coast, up on a bluff that looks down on the surf.

We met one of Kaylee's old companions and had dinner at Chili's in an outdoor mall across from the JW Marriott. This same companion is going to watch some of our suitcases while we make our way to Cusco tomorrow. We will be back in Lima on Tuesday, one day before we fly on.

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  1. Well I am very excited for you guys to come home. it has been really strange to not be able to go hang out at your house the last little bit. you'll have to tell KAYLEE the letter she wrote in February to me got her this weekend. and it only beat her her since you guys went to pick her up. sure love you guys.