Monday, April 8, 2013


What an exciting day for our family!!!!  After 2 days in Lima and a short flight delay - we landed in Truillo.  The hardest part was we could see her waiting for us outside the airport, but had to wait for all of our luggage to come before we could leave the airport to see and hug her
But once the luggage came, WATCH OUT!! 


She looks so good.   We didnt get many photos because we were too busy hugging and crying (ok mostly mom on the crying).  We are hoping the office elders that brought her got some good ones.  After  getting to the hotel which is right in her first areas, we walked to the church to  meet some of the members coming out of the conference broadcast.  That was great to see how much the love her.

Here are a few photos -

Alva Bringas Family

Hamburgers with a twist: burger, fried egg and hot dog. YUM 

Her last Companion, Hna Bedoya

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  1. You guys look great. I'm so happy for you. Be safe.