Thursday, April 11, 2013

Huaca de la Luna

Its Connor and its my turn to tell about the trip today so here it is.

trying to mimic the face of the mountain God
This morning we went to the Huaca de la Luna. (temple of the moon)  It was pretty cool it is really old but we were able to see many artifacts that were there.  The Lunar temple was built around the time of the Book of Mormon but it was just dug up about 20 years ago. They built one temple, and then after the generation of priests died they would fill it with adobe bricks and build another story, wider and taller. When the people would make bricks, they would put their own mark to know which ones they made. After the tour we got cool things at the shops outside.

We then went to lunch at the relief society presidents home. I was feeling a bit sick but she served a really good steak and some herb tea that made me feel better. We then went to a members home in huanchaco were we met a sister from that ward. When we were walking to her house we walked through a very poor area it made me feel blessed  for were we live. They had their animals in a little courtyard right in their house.

We went out to the beach Haunchaca, before it got to dark and looked at the reed boats that the fisherman use.  and then we took a taxi to one of Kaylee pensionista where we saw Kaylee's old companion and her twin sister who just got reassigned here while she waits for her visa to Argentina and now the one Kaylee trained will be training her sister.  It has been a jam packed day and we are all very tired. Even though i do not understand the language i can feel the love  from all the peruvian people.

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