Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sacred Valley

We started today by going to church with Betho. It was testimony meetingand parker and my mom shared their testimonies.  Parker had Betho translate for him.  

After church we left for the Sacred Valley.  Before we left Kaylee and my mom drank some altitude sickness coco tea. It is pretty terrible as you can tell. But it helps you feel better. 
Our first stop was a village in Chinchero.
We saw how the people washed, spun and dyed the alpaca and sheep wools. It was very fun and my parents and sister got to try on some outfits along with it. 

We then went to Moray. They used this place to grow crops all year round. There are three circles that can be seen in the shape of a face from a helicopter. We all went almost all the way down, but parker and I ran all the way. It was cool to go down the small rock steps sticking out of the walls. The Incan people designed and made this place. The engineering here is amazing for what they did in their time.  

After lunch, our driver dropped us off at the train station. I had a really bad headache, but everybody tells me how great the ride was. The train went up through the Andes mountains, to a city where you can only get to by train. Its called Agua Calientes.  I'm excited to see Machu Pichu tomorrow.

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