Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Missionary Milestones

Missionary Milestones: Final Interview and Testimony Meeting
It´s Tammy today.  What an incredible day yesterday.

Kaylee and I went running around the park, then she and Mike went to the office for her final interview with Pres. Turk while the boys and I did  bit of homework and stuff.  We have such a great love for Pres and Hna aTurk.   Next we headed to the mission home for lunch and a final fhe with those that were leaving.  We had a great lunch and the mission home was great.  There were 22 missionaries leaving this transfer. 

Hermana Turk shared some wonderful words of wisdom for those departing and the love she has for each one of them was overwhelming.  Each of the missionaries had the opportunity to share their testimony.  This was the one of the highlights of the trip for me.  Especailly because I could understand it all.  Her testimony was so powerful.  She stood with confidence and testified in excellent spanish of the reality of Jesus Christ, His atonement and the restored gospel.  She shared things that she has learned through challenges and successes.  She testified of the role of the atonement in  makimg her a better person every day.  She testified of eternal families and being guided by the spirit.  The tears for me were unstoppable, a very rewarding day for a parent to witness a valiant daughter  who has truned her life over to the Lord and served Him wih all her heart, might , mind,and strengh.  of course  afterr  she finished and i listened to others - i thought duh you had a phone right here - you should have recorded it all.  then after another parent that was there told me he recorded his daughter and kaylee and would send it to me   - yea

we (3 families that had come to pick up missioinaries) had the opportunity to visit with pres and hna turk after they scooted the others out to gather their luggage before heading to the airport.  and that was wonderful,  Kaylee has build a relationship with  these 'parents' that will sure last forever. 

We were also  able to visit a member, sister, that was always willing  and available to go out with the  missionaries.  As we sit in their humble homes, being given whatever they can give, I am blown away.  There are so many memories that take me back to  my own mission  and the wonderful relationships I  had with those people.  But to see and feel the love they have for Kaylee keeps my emotions right on the surface.  They shower her with gifts and gifts for me and  our family as well.  As we left this sisters house to go to the next  - she just hugged kaylee and sobbed -  she loves her and will miss her.

Next we went to have dinner with a  family Kaylee taught and baptize. they were making seviche (raw fish cooked with lime juice).  The missionaries are not allowed to eat this traditional dish until the last week of thier mission becase of the chances of getting sick.  we had it prepared by a brother who is a great chef and very careful in his food preparation - so she felt pretty safe and most of us Loved the dish.  We getting to try so many new things and most are wonderful.  The boys are being real troopers and have learned to say muchas gracias with gusto.   they kaylee, the boys and mike played an interesing monopoly game with this families 11 year old daughter while i tried to learn a bit in the kitchen.   again they showered her with gifts, hugs and tears as they said good-bye.   kaylee said it is so incredible to see how thier lives have changed as  since their baptisms and how the gospel has taken root in them.

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