Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A DAY IN CHIMBOTE- Parker Speaking

Hi its Parker, its my turn to tell about Trujillo. Our first morning reunited with Kaylee we woke up and hoped on a 2 1/2  hour bus ride to Chimbote.  

Once we were there we met the  cutest little niño named Fabiano.  He is so cute.  He is 2. We had lunch at his house. The people in Peru have lunch as there biggest meal THEY FED US SO SO much, but it was delicious.  The grandma of Fabiano was Kaylee's pensionista (which means she cooked all the meals for Kaylee and her companion when Kaylee served in this area).  She fixed one of Kaylee's favorites called aji de gallina. 

Connor and I played a lot with Fabiano while my mom and Kaylee talked to the family in spanish.  It  was kind of hard for my dad and Connor and I since we couldn't really understand or speak to the anyone.

I thought is was really cool that they  owned a store that was part of their  house  - they had some food, candy, sodas, ice cream and other things.  People could step into the little store from the street, but there were bars between the people and the store.  Then there was a little opening and people could say what they wanted and then the family would get it for them and they  would give them money through the opening

We went to a market, they had lots of stuff and we got movies for 2 soles each ( each sol is about 40 cents ) We got The Hobbit, The Croods, Hotel  Transilvania, and Wreck it Ralph.  They are in english and spanish.  The one part of the market was fruit - they looked good and smelled good, but another part was meats and it smelled really gross. They were just cleaning up from selling in the morning. Chimbote is a port and a fishing town. We went over by the water to see all the boats out in the water.

We also got to meet a really special family that Kaylee taught and got baptized.  They have two boys.  They fed us some mangos and tea (we loved the mangos but not so much the herbal tea)  they wanted to give us an ancient artifact that the dads grandfather had found but my dad had just read on the plane about how much trouble people can get in for trying to take things like that out of the country.  So even though we felt bad -- we really couldn't accept their gift.  Then the grandma found this donkey - and gave it to me.

After having another meal with Kaylee's pensionista's family and saying good bye, we had another long 2 1\2 bus ride back to Trujillo.  It was a fun day, but a bit wierd that everyone greets you with  a hug and kiss in the air by your cheek.  I can tell everyone loves Kaylee and they are excited to know her family.

The taxi rides around here are fun,  because the driving here is so wild.  I am always on my moms lap in the back seat (five of us crammed into a small car and they drive very  aggressive - no rules and they honk their horns A LOT.


  1. Hi Parker...it's Mickey Coombs! I just saw your post and it's awesome! It sounds like you're having a great time and I hope you post more. Kaylee looks TERRIFIC!! Have fun and we'll see you next week! MJC

  2. Hi Parker! Great job on the post. Love the picture of you and Fabiano. Like you said, he is so cute. Thanks for the detail about the market and the store. I can really picture how it is. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Keep us all posted. See you soon. Love from Sis Garlick and Bishop.