Tuesday, October 30, 2012

looking like summer :)

Oct 29, 2012
Hola familia

Como estan? Estoy muy bien.  This past week has been pretty good… just another great week in the mission.

This week we have been working hard with Hna Rosa. She is agreat hermana that I met contacting with a different Hermana missionary and she wanted to let this dog back into his house. Well little did we know that we would find Hna Rosa. She told us that she has listened to a lot of different churches before but that she just didn’t feel any reason to join them. But its been so great to teach her. She loves to read, she says that every night after she gets her kids in bed she will just read the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon for an hour!! Its great and she always has a lot of questions for us (which missionaries love).  She was the one that we waited for her to come to conference, (remember when Hna langi and I were praying. Yep her :) ) So she came to church again with us yesterday and it was great, I’m hoping that she wants to keep coming and that she can get a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Did you know that the Book of Mormon is the best book ever! It is the keystone to our religion. So as a mission we are reading the Book of Mormon before Christmas. I love this book! One of the ‘Preach my Gospel’ activities invites us to mark every reference to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. It’s incredible. Every chapter testifies of them. They are one in purpose. As I pray and study I have found the solutions to the problems of our investigators. Its incredible. It’s seriously a magical book. How’s your Book of Mormon reading going? What did you learn from your study today? How can you apply it to your life? When was the last time that you applied the promise in Moroni 10? Ask again; I know your testimony will only grow stronger!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you could feel our Saviors love so strong and that you could feel my love from half way around the world.
I love you familia mia. And I can’t wait to be with your forever! The plan of salvation is such a blessing.
Until next week!
Love Hna Sandstrom

Finally some pictures.  I got to see my mom (trainer) before she went home. This is me with her and her other daughter (trainee). It's starting to look a lot like summer here!  TAN LINES!!

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