Monday, October 1, 2012


yes this is an old photo, but i miss not putting
a photo with her letters :) 

October 1, 2012

Hola Familia Mia!!
Como estan? Les Amo MUCHO!! 

So I´m really sorry that it’s another photo-less week, but we keep changing internet places.  I think its the new camera card that I am using, so Ill trade back to the other one.  And next week I promise to send pictures. 

Life is going good. Our investigators are doing okay. They aren´t really progressing though, its sad. Maribel and her daughter Mercy are still coming to church every week and they even came to the relief society broadcast. But the sad part is, is that they just don´t see the need to be baptized. They just see it as another good church, just like the Catholics. But I don´t know how many more times we can teach them about the apostasy and the need for a restoration. So I don’t know. When we were with President Turk he just said to keep them coming and eventually they will understand the authority, and feel the need to be baptized. It’s just sad, because I love them so much. Also right now Maribel´s mom and her nephew are here from the sierra... which is the desert. They always classify people if they are from the sierra or the selva (jungle). But they are a hoot. Bryon is 10 and he loves the church. But the really sad part is that there isn´t a branch out there, or missionaries. But we always are laughing so hard with them. Hna Andrea thinks that he looks a lot like Connor. It’s so funny. When she saw the picture of my family that I have taped in my Book of Mormon. She said that’s Bryon. Haha. (They are kind of similar, but not tons) But now he is my Peruvian brother. 

This past week we had a pretty cool experience. We contacted this guy, Gustavo a couple weeks ago. He is surfer, and has traveled all over surfing on different beaches. He has been to the states and he teaches English here in the center. He doesn’t live in our area which is a bummer, but he asked if we could come and talk to his English class. We didn´t think our leaders would give us permission but they did!!! So on Friday we headed out to try and teach a lesson in English. Ha That was a lot harder than I thought it would be!!! It’s not hard for me to talk to my comp in English because she is North American. But when I try to speak English to Latinos; Its so hard!!! I couldn´t speak to Hna Cornelio, and I had a really hard time in the class. But Back to the class, it was fun. They were just beginners but some of their English was pretty good. But who knows if I´ll be able to teach in English when I get home. Haha, Hna Langi and I just talk Spanglish all the time because we both understand it. 

I am loving my comp! She is the best! We are always laughing and having a great time. We are working hard and looking for the chosen ones in our area.  This past week it has been the festival of Spring here. And it’s been crazy! So every year during the spring they have a parade right through our area; and it starts at 11 in the morning. Well our ward starts church at 10 and there were about 12 people there. They were all out saving their spots. I guess there are a bunch of royalty that comes. Like Miss America and such. It was funny. But later in the afternoon before we had a fireside about missionary work, we passed by and it was still going on. Its nothing like the parades in the states but it was fun to see a bunch of tribal dances and costumes. Happy Spring! 

So probably the best part of this week is that MY HEADACHES ARE GETTING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I decided that the only option that I had left was to try the pills mom had sent me again. AND THEY ARE WORKING!!! It’s seriously been such a miracle. I am not resting as much and we are working hard! It’s been great!! Thanks so much for all of your loves and prayers!!! I really feel them everyday! 

I love this work with all of my Peruvian heart!! I love testifying of my Savior Jesus Christ and of this amazing gospel that I have the blessing to be apart of. This church is true! I love you all so much! I am so grateful that I have the greatest support system. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be with them for forever!!! How incredible of a blessing is that??? 

I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and that he was willing to be an instrument in the hands of God. I have learned so much about the apostasy this past week and how we needed a restoration for the same gospel of Jesus Christ to be restored. It is amazing how God has everything planned out! 

Stay strong!! I know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ and our faith we put in him. 

Love you tons! 

Hna Sandstrom

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