Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dia de los muertos

November 5, 2012 

Hola Familia.. Hows everybody doing?

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! They don´t really celebrate Halloween here but they do celebrate day of the dead (dia de los muertos)! It’s so crazy. It’s kind of like our memorial day but a lot crazier! We have a cemetery in our area so we went and walked around to see what all of the craziness was. They don´t put their dead people in the ground but they put them in these big cement walls. Some even build them their own little cathedral. But it’s a day when they come and put flowers on them, or they pay people to come and sing to them. But it’s craziness. Our Pensionista said that one year when there was a tsunami that a bunch of the cement walls fell down and there were lots of body parts floating all over. Haha, that would be creepy though.

Thanks mom for sending me the kids halloween pictures, Eveybody looked great! So big, but great!

So as for life in the mission field, it is great. This past week was a little slow, with the holiday and everything. But we are moving right along. We met a GREAT new investigator. His name is Milton. He is from the selva (the jungle), and he has only been here in Trujillo for about a month. The best part is.... he was meeting with the missionaries out there, and he loves the church and is really eager to learn more. He went with us the wards Party this past week, and he liked it, and he came to church in dress clothes! It’s great. When we were teaching about the restoration, I had the greatest feeling come over me as I testified to him that I know that these things are true. It was amazing how the spirit can teach. We have to follow it, we can teach in front of it or depend on our own knowledge. It’s all done by the spirit.

So Rosa... Well this past Wednesday we got a call from her thanking us for all that we have done, and for helping her out; but she wasn´t going to be able to meet with us anymore. She said that she had talked with the preacher from her old church and he said that she can’t be baptized again; because that is just a big sin to do it twice. So she listened to him.  But we weren´t going to let her go that easy. So we decided that Thursday we were going to go back and answer some of her questions. Well Thursday before our appointment she called and told us not to come back, but maybe in the future she would call us to come visit her. She said that the other preacher told her it wasn’t a good idea to keep meeting with us. It was so so sad. And we felt that if we could just talk to her, we could help her. But after thinking and praying a lot about it; we both came to realize that right now is not her time. A big seed has been planted in her life, and she is already living the commandments. But someday in the future, she will be ready.
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! I´ll send you some sunshine from Trujillo!

 Love you with all of my HEART!!
LOVE, Hna Sandstrom

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