Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Staying in Primavera

October 15, 2012
I'm staying in Primavera - Wahoo!
Hola Familia!
Yo estoy tan feliz a ver los fotos de ustedes en Elba. Todo los ninos estan creciendo tan rapido. No puedo reconocerles! 

I hope the calf sale went well and that the weather holds out for you. Its spring here and some days it feels like summer and other days its cold again.

This past week has been pretty great! 
Last Monday we went to these little gift shops in our area that have touristy stuff.  And my companion had her head poked under the bags and guitars hanging off the roof, so I was just standing there looking at people. Well two guys walked up to us and as normal asked if I was from Peru. And I responded normal, No, I’m from the states. They were two guys from Columbia. They were asking when I was headed there.  I said I´m not I’m just here for 18 months then I’m going back home. The one guys asked if I could take him with me and I told him no.  Haha, Then he asked me to marry him!!!! It was SOOOO FUNNY!! My companion just started laughing so hard, from the inside of the cart. I just kept telling him no, and he asked why not. I was laughing and before I could respond; Hna Langi pulled me in the cart with her. The guy keeps talking and says. Come back, we could have babies, the same color as my companion (She’s from Tonga so she brown) But we just started laughing and by the time we came out they were gone. But oh it was great!

So tomorrow is ‘changes’ and Hna Langi and I are staying together. It’s going to be her last change. It will be fun. She is funny. So one thing that I have learned is that she is from the states yes, but all her family is from Tonga. They weren’t raised there, but I have learned a lot about the culture of Tonga, and a lot of the traditions that they still keep. One thing that is for sure, is that they eat A LOT! And it’s showing on me. So horrible. I was doing good, loosing weight in the mission, but it looks like that has stopped now that I’m with hna Langi. Maybe after she leaves :P

 And the best part for last!! MARIBEL AND MERCY ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your prayers. This past week at district meeting we learned how powerful the Holy Ghost is in the conversion process. We decided we needed to teach them about the Holy Ghost. They have been feeling the Holy Ghost, but they just thought that it was us as missionaries. But as we began to point it out to them that this was the Holy Ghost and that they could receive this gift the spirit in the room was just incredible. Seriously it was one of the most amazing experiences of my mission. And as I asked Hna Maribel what she was willing to do to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, She said Bautizarnos (Get Baptized). And mercy says YES! Those were the best words ever. Hna Langi and I didn’t know what to say. We couldn’t move. So yea, this Saturday is their baptism! It’s going to be the best day!

Thanks for everything y’all. I’m happy and I love being able to teach this wonderful message everyday!!! There is NOTHING better!!! 
Love you all
Hna Sandstrom

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