Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wonderful Conference

October 8, 2012

Hey family!!

How are you? I hope you have had a wonderful week. It has been great here!! I felt like we just had Christmas! Isn´t conference the best?  I got to watch it in English with the other North Americans in our zone. We all brought food to share and it was just great! Didn´t you just love the announcement about the temples! Go PERU!! Also about the missionaries.--Crazy!!! I’m happy about it. I bet there will be a lot more girls leaving on missions. Its awesome. But then I realized that Connor can leave for his mission even sooner. -just not too soon. Stop growing up, I swear my brothers have doubled in size since I left. 

Anyway, I loved conference. Every talk was great! I have so many things that I want to apply to my life. Funny story though. We have a dvd that we watch every Sunday night, and its a talk that Elder Holland gave when he was at the MTC last year. Well during conference he gave a lot of that talk again. It was really funny. But its an awesome talk! 

So this past week has also be awesome because we are receiving a little more help from our ward. Which is great. There are two sisters Julia and Fiorella, they are from Trujillo but their family lives in Tumbes, which  is really close to Ecuador. But Julia loves working with the missionaries. She is waiting for school to start so she can go with us all the time. Its great, she even contacts people and teaches with us. We are having family home evening with them tonight and a new investigator. Its awesome. 
I hope we can encourage her a little more to leave on a mission next year! :)

Also so Sunday afternoon we had a miracle happen. God is so great, He makes me laugh at how He helps us remember to turn to Him. So before the last session of conference, we went to look for an investigator, Rosa to go with us. We called her before and her sister said that she wasn´t there, but we went to look for her anyways. When we got to the door her sister answered and said she still wasn´t back yet. So after she closed the door we just sat there against the house and I asked Hermana Langi now what? She said lets just wait ten minutes and if she doesn´t come back we´ll go to conference; but say a prayer. So we both closed our eyes and said a prayer in our hearts. As we opened our eyes a man was standing outside the door. He knocked and asked for the same Hermana Rosa. We just laughed silently and waited to see what would happen.  And the same sister came to the door, but she didn´t see us (some people here tend to lie to us when they don´t want the missionaries to visit their family.) But she said that she would go check to see if her sister was there..... AND SHE WAS!!! It was so funny. She saw us standing there (kind of in awe about what just happened) Then she said she was almost ready and she just needed to grab her kids!!  God is great, he is so mindful of us and will answer small prayers and big ones too!!

So this past week my companion had a meeting and I got to see Hna Cornelio there. It was fun to see her, and she brought great noticias from Chimbote! Hna Pilar and Hno Roger are doing great! Hno Roger got the priesthood and he is passing the sacrament and has a calling in the Young Mens, also. They are both attending Institute! I was so so happy to hear about this! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week, Its crazy to think that a year ago I was sitting in the MTC listening to conference with lots of other missionaries. And now I´m in another world. But I love this other world. I love it more and more every day! I can´t believe that next conference I will be with my awesome family! 

Love you all!! 
Hna Sandstrom

oh and my head is still doing better!! YAY

(mom note: still no photos this week and sadly she had transferred a bunch of her chimbote ones onto the computer from her card so she could load them onto a thumb drive and the computer crashed and lost them all - hopefully a companion has some she can copy, sad event)

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