Thursday, April 21, 2011

Temple Day!

On monday the 18th I was able to go through the temple. I did my work, and my mom did Lindsay's, and it was Lindsay's birthday. Such a special day. Normally you aren't allowed to go through until you have a call but we got special permission from my Bishop and Stake President. 

There was such a feeling of peace and love inside the temple. It was definitely a house of the Lord. There were so many people there. I was so happy all day. I am still trying to remember and understand everything that happened, but I guess that is why we keep going back. 

It had rained all day, but we got these couple of pictures just as we were leaving. 
I'm so sad we didn't get better pictures. I'll have to go to the temple with all of these guys sometime before I leave and take another picture. Plus all the people that I didn't get a picture with. 

I'm so happy!! 

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