Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashes of Pain

And you might notice that Parker has a green things stuck to his arm. When my family went to Moab a couple weekends ago, P was running around and he fell down and caught himself on his wrist. It wasn't a clear break but for the next couple of days he complained of it hurting.  He would way, "Mom! I just got another flash of pain!" So funny. After they got home, they went and had x-rays taken. He has a small fracture, but no big deal. They just don't want it to get worse, especially with him playing sports and such.

As you can tell he signed his own cast. We tease him it was because he might forget his own name. I asked him if I could sign it and he said that I could but it had to be little, he didn't want me to take up the whole thing. So on the under part of his arm I wrote. MY FAVORITE SISTER KAYLEE! He secretly loved it. :)

You might be able to tell through all of the Pizza mess on his face, he lost his first top tooth on Saturday. It was hanging by a string and he finally pulled it out becuase he was hungry but was afraid to eat. Haha 

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