Thursday, April 7, 2011

IWA Closing Banquet

Last night we had our IWA closing banquet. It was so fun to dress 
up and have dinner with these great girls.I  truly believe that we have the best chapter.  I have started having a hard time thinking that I won't be here next year with these girls. They have taught me so much and my testimony has been strengthened. I have met so many new friends. 

Independence Girls! 

Oh Sister Neeley! She is the greatest. She never fails to ask me how I'm doing or shoot me a text to see how my weekend was. She is always there for me to talk to when things get rough. 

Ally! One of my best friends that I have made while at Utah State. Who knew that after being roommates we would still be great friends. She is the greatest. When I grow up I want to to just like Ally Spjut! 

I'm going to miss these girlies so much next year!! 

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