Monday, November 12, 2012

dress alterations :) - who knew

Nov 12, 2012
Hola Family!

Wow what a week. The week was actually slow but it ended great last night! So let me rewind. 
So to start the week off we had the elections in the states. What an outcome. SO all day monday and tuesday members and people here were asking Hermana Langi and I about the elections. We really don´t have a clue about what has been going on. But they are all concerned here. Its kinda funny how big of an effect our elections have on other countries. Interesting. So now that Obama is staying for another 4 years, we´ll see if anything changes. :s

So one day last week we were heading down a street, we didn´t have any appointments and we had decided to go visit our Elders Quorum president, but we were taking some wierd side streets to get there. Well we saw a lady in a park and she came up to us, ¨Hermanas Hermanas, can you help me?¨We are kinda use to this, but she said that she needed help finding an apartment and wanted to know if we have seen anything. We thought of a few and decided we would meet up later to go look at them. The funny thing is is that she not a member, she has lots of friends who are members and has even been to our church before. She hasn´t found one that she likes yet, but we will keep looking. Hopefully we can find her one in our area, and then we can teach her. :)

So yesterday was the primary program in the ward. And Mercy and Johana were super excited for it. They had been practicing their songs and everything. They even invited a friend to come with them, and to participate! Maribel was doing missionary work right along side them talking to the little girls mom. So all the girls were supose to come in white dresses and the boys in their suits. But Mercy´s white dress from Her catholic baptism doesnt´fit her anymore. When they bought the dress they had to take it in because she was so little, but now that she has grown it doesn´t quite fit. So somehow I accepted the task to work on it.  I had about 30 hours with not alot of free time, to make a dress bigger, redo the beading and fix the waist. Haha So I have my little sewing bag that Sister Price made me, but I didn´t have a machine, or any advice from an expert (aka my mom or aunt tiff). I was a little nervous, because she didn´t have any other option.  Well church starts at 9, and at about 8 I finished the dress and we ran it over!
STRESS. But att turned out well!

This past week we could not get ahold of Milton. At all! He doesn´t have a cell phone and he changed jobs, he was working from 8 in the morning until 9  at night. It was kinda frustrating. We thought he was golden. So everyday we went to look for him. He is renting a room and I think everybody in this house is sick of us ringing the door bell to look for him! So as we went home last night kinda sad, we didn´t know what else to do to look for him. Plus yesterday was his birthday, poor kid. Well as we were finishing getting ready for bed, I was writing in my journal when the phone rang. Normally we don´t answer it after ten. But I knew it was Milton. I told my comp to answer it just to make sure, we couldn´t risk not taking the chance to find him. And guess who it was.... MILTON! I was so so happy to hear his voice! He called to apologize for never being home. But he said that now he has a cell phone :) I was so so happy. He said that he has been working like crazy, but now he is going back to his other job, with better hours for him to contact us. It was the best miracle!
thanks gma barker for lunch!

I´m so thankful that God answers prayers. I know he is mindful of me and my situations. He loves us so much, but he sometimes has a different time schedule. :)
I love you all. Give your family a love. They are the best thing every! 
I love being a missionary!
Love Hna Sandstrom 

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