Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I love my leaders

June 4 2012
Hola Familia!!
I am so happy to talk/write to you today!! I had a bunch of pictures I wanted to send you, but i forgot my camera reader so I´ll send them all next week. One is with the paper mache bull that is in one of the streets in my area.  It’s as close as I got to bulls and cows this past weekend. I thought of you guys at the ranch! Hopefully you got time to work in between the rain.

Also thank you mom and Belliston family for you packages!!! You guys are the best and I am so grateful to have the best family ever! Thanks aimee for the pictures they are already on my wall. :)

I forgot to mention that the other week we had multi-zone
conference. It was great! I always love hearing from President and Hermana Turk. They always know right what to say, and its exactly what I need to hear. It was great to see the other Hermanas, especially Hermana Galleguillos. I miss her so so much, but it was so good to hear that things are going good in Casa Grande.

This past week we had Interviews with President Turk and more time to spend with President and Hermana Turk. It was wonderful. Hermana Turk talked a lot about shaking it off and stepping up. It was great. It was just what I needed to hear, and President Talked a lot about Love and Charity. It was great!  He is so inspired. It was fun to see some of my friends and get a major spiritual boost.

So while we were in the office I talked to Hermana and President Turk about my headaches and the massages. Well for the past week I have had a headaches everyday. Yea, not so much improvement :(. So we decided to not continue with the massages, I also had a little parasite bug at
this time too, so we didn´t know if the headaches were related or not.  So we are going to see how things go this week with out the massages.  But I think what stresses me out the most is that I can´t be the missionary that I want to be or that is expected of me. My desire is a lot bigger than my ability right now. President counseled me to take time to rest and to do the exercises the massage therapist gave me.
So we´ll see what happens this next week.

Also our investigators are doing great!! A lot of them came to church this past week and are now progressing.
Yola and her Hermana came to church with us. They are from the desert/mountain area and are here working for a family. It was their first Sunday but they will probably be baptized soon.  Isabel couldn´t come to church because of her difficult work schedule.  But she has the next couple of Sundays off so she can come to church and be confirmed the next week. Prayer for them please!!

I am so happy to be a missionary! I love Peru! I didn´t know why I was called here and didn´t know anything about Peru before the mission, well except that Machu Pichu is here, But I know that I am here because I need to be taught by the members here, my companions here, and my mission president here.  I love spanish. I am still learning everyday.  It’s amazing! I am definitely at the point where my dreams are in spanish, and I wake up and spanish comes out of my mouth, I don´t have to remind my self. :) And my prayers are no longer in Spanglish.

I love my family, You should all be jealous because I have the best family ever, I´m so happy I can be with them for eternity!!!

Love you all LOTS!!!

Hna Sandstrom

Oh this weekend we have stake conference and Elder Waddell from the quorum of seventies is coming.

Here are some photos we took from Hermana Turk's blog

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