Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting cold in Jardines

yep - me eating avacados - amazing

June 25 2012
Hola Hola Hola

Como estan?

Things are going good here in Jardines. It is starting to get a little cold. And I hear that this is just the beginning. My companion is using her tights, and she is freezing. I know it’s not as cold as winters in logan or Highland, or the winters that I have heard about in Chile. I hope Cy doesn´t freeze to death.

This past week we had a service project in Villa de Mar. The temple is in this area and it is right next to a big cemetery. It was gorgeous. There were so many flowers, and its not even memorial weekend for them (that’s in November here).
So the service project was great, we started painting a house for a family. But for some reason they mixed all the paint with a ton of water. So we might need to go back and do a lot more coats. We basically painted with water. But it was great fun!! And of course there were some paint fights that broke out in between the elders.... and they got my companion pretty good too. haha

As I said last week most of our progressive investigators have died out, but this past week we also had two great miracles!!

First of all is Jesus... About two weeks ago his grandpa came to us and said that he wanted us to teach his grandson and prepare him for baptism. We thought that was weird because the daughters that we knew were members and when one of the parents is a member and the child is 8, it is the responsibility of the ward. So we didn´t respond to the reference right away. Well this past Wednesday we went by the grandpa’s house in the morning because we had another reference at the same address.  We knocked on the door and Hermana Chavez opened the door and welcomed us in. As we began to talk to her, we realized that the reference was her daughter (Olga)...the mother of Jesus!! (oh and the dad of Jesus isn´t a member either!!) so we came back in the afternoon and met Jesus and Olga. They are great, and Jesus is stellar. He has been attending church for a long time with his grandparents. So we have been prepping him for baptism! His baptism is this Saturday. :) Yay I´m so happy. He is awesome and cant´ wait to be baptized and he is ready.

So for the second miracle. This past Saturday we were visiting all of our investigators and trying to find out who could come to church.  We only had one.... Jesus. So we were kind of bummed because our investigators can´t progress if they don´t come to church. But about ten minutes before church we were talking to some of the members and my companion started getting all excited, and she started telling me about this man, Ramon.  She had contacted him in an old area and invited him to come to church. AND HE WAS THERE IN OUR WARD!! It was awesome. He had attended church before in other areas, and has family that are members. But he recently changed houses, and is living in OUR area now. So we talked to him after church and taught him. And he accepted our invitation for baptism. So we are going to be teaching him this week and hopefully get him a baptism date. :) :) so happy. I know that when we do all we can, the Lord helps out! It’s amazing!
Hermano Navas

This is a picture of Hno Navas. He is a recent convert and has parkinsons. It’s sad, but the best way to cheer up your day is visiting him. I love when he comes to church in his Sunday clothes-- With his converse tennis shoes.

I invite all of you to take the promise of Nephi to heart.  FEAST upon the words of Christ.  Don´t just read to check it off of your list and read your scriptures everyday. But make sure that you are getting something out of it. The scriptures and conference talks are for our benefit not just for fun, or a job for the prophets. It’s for US!

I love you all thanks so much for your love and prayers!!
Keep on Going!!
Hna Sandstrom

Headache update: so I am taking 400 or 800 mg of ibuprofen when I have pain.  I am still doing my neck stretches but no more therapy. It is definitely better than it was in February, March and April. I don´t have them everyday, and usually only in the afternoons or evenings. YEA IMPROVEMENT

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