Wednesday, May 30, 2012


May 28 2012

Hola Familia!
Happy Memorial Day

Happy anniversary 
Grandma and Grandpa Barker,
 wow 48 years!

Life is going good here in Jardines, I’m getting the hang of things and getting us to our area. The ward and bishop are amazing!! I am so lucky to work with and to get to know them better and work along side them. 

Our biggest focus this week was our ward activity. We only have missionary activities every month and this month was Viaje a Hawaii.  It was a ‘come enjoy the night and do different activities and spend you money’ kind of thing. And then at the end an angel would take them to be judged and depending on how much money they had, they would go to the three kingdoms of glory and sit there without knowing what happened. Then at the end we opened the curtain partition things and we related it to how we spend our time and how this is the time to prepare to meet God. It was great, we had a really good turn out and the ward seemed to like it.

That was our main focus of the week but we got a couple of references from members and they are really great. I really hope they start to progress soon. There is Christian, Yola, and Julissa. 

One thing this past week that I have really learned is that I am really grateful for my time in Casa Grande. The people there are so good! The work is definitely different than the city. Our main challenge here is getting people to come to church, they can’t progress unless they go to church. But the people in Casa Grande go to church all alone. It’s amazing! We could teach a lot more people, because they kept their commitments. So I am learning here to be patient and do everything possible to help them. 

So my headaches are getting a lot better but my doctor said that I still have lots of tension in my neck and shoulders. But they are getting better. Thanks so much for your prayers!!

This week I have realized how happy I am that I am on my mission and that I prayed to receive an answer, even though I was scared what the answer was going to be. And I’m so glad that I followed my answer. The missionary work is amazing! We are seeing miracles in our lives, and in our area. There have been times when I have thought ‘what am I doing here and how did I get to this point in my life?’  But then I think about and I know. It’s because of prayer, and the scriptures, my family, my friends and my leaders. I have such a great support system! Thank you!!

Please look for the miracles in your life!
They are there, EVERYDAY!!! 

Love you all!!
Hna Sandstrom
Hermana Turk (mission pres wife) & Kaylee

Hermanas Montes, Ptherbridge and Gailegios -
the ones involved this last medical transfer

Kaylee with the fish her pensionista was preparing for lunch,
she plucked all the eyes out and had them in a bowl  -  :() weird stuff 

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