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MEDIO! AH 9!!!

June 18 2012

Hola Familia mia
¿Como estan? Yo espero que todo esta bien con ustedes. Les Extrano!

CONGRATS mom on your race!! I´m so proud of you!!

Dad - I hope you had a great fathers day!! I love you lots!! Thank you for always being a great example to me and a great leader. Thank you for being strong example and helping me get through the tough times in life.

This past week has been a bit sad. This is the picture of us Sunday night, when we realized we had nobody. Sunday Blues--cured with Inca Cola :) Our investigators have died out and have gone on vacation, and we are praying that they return home soon with their desires ready for baptism. There is still hope. Yola and her sister carmen are coming back from vacation this weekend and yola wants to be baptized. So we just have to keep in contact with her and teach her sister. And for christian and junior there is still hope too, we just have to catch them the evenings they aren´t working. They don´t have a set schedule so its tough. But others’ desires have died out, and we are searching for new people who are ready to commit.

I don´t have tons to say today, But one happy/sad/weird thing is I have completed 9 months in the mission. WOW. I have lots of mixed feelings about this. Time is passing way too fast. But I still have 9 more months to enjoy and work hard. I love Peru and I love Trujillo. Estoy muy feliz en la mision.

So last p day I mentioned how we went to Huanchaco. It was fabulous! I love the beach... I know you are all surprised that I´m happy when I go to Huanchaco. There are these little boat things made of leaves and twigs. The men sit in them to go fish. Its fun to watch.  It was great.

We have been having lots of family home evenings to get the ward more involved and to receive references from their friends. Its really fun and spiritual too. We usually share a video with them and a message. But then we play games that are pretty sweet. One is where you have to talk but can´t show your teeth. And if you do and get caught, you have a punishment. It’s so funny. We are definitely going to play this one when I get home. Here are some pictures from this past week. I’m not going to show pictures of the punishment because its too funny and i need to see your reactions.

We eat bread, jam, yogurt and bland cereal. Every morning and night. Its good, but old. Yum... :(

Oh so a little about my comp. She is from Sanitago Chile and has less then four months left. She is a lot better with her health, we just have to keep her on her medicine. She has been a member her whole life and her parents and grandparents are members. This is rare for South America, obviously a lot more common in Utah, which here is called the fabrica--which means it’s the factory of members and missionaries. :) This picture is of us at the ward relief society birthday party. Mmmm torta

So I just have to say that I am so grateful for my family. I am not only grateful that they are all members, but that they are all active, and actively involved. I am grateful that my parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles are all sealed in the temple. This is such a great example to me! I love that our families have a lot of love, yes- we have our problems everybody does, but we don’t let it get in the way of what is really important. I am so grateful for all of the other family that I have, related or not! And I´m so grateful that I get to share my mission experience with my missionary Holt cousins. It’s the best 18/24 months and we are all out at the same time (Karissa Bosco in Argentina; Ashley Holt in Washington DC; Cy Holt in Chili).  I love it. And I love reading their awesome experiences every week.
oh - 9 months - the middle-  I guess? 

Love you all!!
Hna Sandstrom!

Headache update: 
I'm not pain free but alot better!
Thanks for the prayers!!

at the ward relief society birthday party. 
Mmmm torta

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