Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Greetings from Chimbote

July 2 2012

Wow! So lots to say and I have lots of pictures to send too, but my camera card isn’t working, I think there is a virus.

Hey family. HOW ARE YOU?

cuy - guinea pig

This past week has been a whirlwind. Let’s start with last Monday... For lunch we went to a members house and his mom made us cuy...aka guinea pig. It was good!  Tastes just like chicken. It was yummy.

Second of all I spent my second night in the clinic. Tuesday morning after our district and zone meeting my companion was really hurting again so we headed to the clinic. Where she was hospitalized. Yea, not fun.  I feel bad for her.  They didn’t have any rooms with two beds, one for me and one for her, so we just chilled with this other lady all day and waited to see if she was going to stay the night. We talked with her most of the day and gave her lots of pamphlets and a Liahona to read. But as the night came her daughter and family came and started watching tv. It was hard for my eyes not to wander to the really popular tv show here... Yo Soy.  It’s kind of like american idol or the voice.... But as the end of the night came it looked like we were going to be staying the night. So Elder Richards got us a private room, which ended up being a suite. It was way nice and I spent the night in a recliner. haha. 

Well the next day we left and had a baptismal interview for Jesus. It was great and he was so excited to be baptized! We had a great lesson with him that night. He is a stellar kid.

The next eventful day was Thursday. After personal study I ran to the bathroom before we started companion study. The President’s personal secretary called. I thought he was asking about our health again, which was weird because he just asked the night before. So when he was talking to me he said president wanted to talk to me. Which I was kind of surprised by.  In my last weekly email I sent I expressed some feelings I was feeling in the ward. I asked for an interview because I wanted some ideas that I could do to help the ward. So this is what I thought president was calling to talk about.... but no. He said right now there are some things happening and he needs me to go to Chimbote and be with Hna Mendoza, Again!! 

(This is her last change, she has three weeks left)  He didn’t give me any other information than that. So after lots and lots of tears. I started packing the change was going to be the next morning. I had only 24 hours to pack and say goodbye. And I was going to miss the baptism of Jesus and the next week Yola’s baptism. 

I got to Chimbote at about 10pm Friday and we have hit the ground running. Chimbote is about 3 hours south of Trujillo and is a fishing town. Sometimes its smells horribly of fish, but it’s all sand here, and its hot in the afternoons and cold at night and in the mornings. There are 8 hermanas here in the zone and its crazy! Great to see some sisters again though--some of my good friends; but hard to jump in in the middle of the change.  Every Hermana that comes to Chimbote is here for at least 6 months. So I think I will be here for a while. I HOPE!!!! I don’t want anymore goodbyes, for a while at least.  It’s so hard to leave the members of the ward. 

from Jardines area
But my new ward here is amazing!!! I love it. Our ward council yesterday was awesome. I hopefully can gain the love of the members in this ward.

Thanks for your prayers this week; I have definitely felt them!!! 

Love you
Hna Sandstrom 

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