Monday, May 21, 2012

things are better :)

Baptisms before leaving Casa Grande last week.

baptism of Gian Franco
Hermana Santos' baptism

May 20, 2012
Hola Familia Mia

Como esta? I´m still so happy that I got to talk to you and see you this past week.  It’s helped me a lot this week. 
This past week has been a whirlwind. I don´t know where to begin…

My companion - Hermana Montes
So Monday after the baptism of Hna Santos and a few last goodbyes we headed to the Office with all of my stuff. It was so hard to say goodbye to Hna Galleguillos. She is the best and we hope that we get to be companions again.  Well in the office we met with the other Hermanas and made the change.  My new companion is Hermana Montes. She is from Chile, the capital. She has a year in the mission and because of health reasons she has spent her whole mission here in Trujillo. (her health problem is some intestinal issue and that every 10 days or so if she is hospitalized over night) She is great, we were in the same district my first change. 

It’s so weird to be back in the city. I miss my small pueblo of Casa Grande. Its different to back here with a lot more people. And I´m realizing that the people are a lot more stubborn here and its harder to teach and get in houses. But I have to say the ward here is amazing!! The bishop has a passion for missionary work and is very involved. It’s awesome and the ward loves giving references. They are always asking how they can help us. We have an activity this Friday, Viaje a hawaii :) I’m excited. The leaders are all involved and it will be great. 

hanging out in the hospital
So with my companions health problem we ended up going to the doctor this past week and she was hospitalized over night, which means me too. I just sat with her all day and wrote letters and read. It was weird. We had permission to watch Disney channel too.....weird. But anyways it was quite the night.

Also my migraines are getting better. We went to a chiropractor on Tuesday, but that didn´t do anything and it wasn´t what we were looking for. So on Wednesday I started my physical therapy and already I am seeing a difference. Its great! I am still having migraines but they aren´t as often and the amount of time I have them is a lot shorter. So this is good. Improvement. :) It’s weird that I am a missionary, and receiving massages, but it’s a order from my doctor. The therapist said that there are so many knots in my neck that she sees why I am having such strong migraines.  I´m happy we are getting it taken care of. 

Anyways, Its strange being back in the city, and the work is a little different. But I´m excited to work with the ward and find the escogidos (chosen) that are here. I know they/re here, we just have to work with the members to find them. 

I’m so grateful to be here, and to be a missionary. I´m so grateful I received an answer to my prayers. I know that the Lord is listening to my prayers and that He answers our prayers. It may not be when we want but I know that he will ALWAYS answer me. Our Father in Heaven is so loving and filled with so much compassion and mercy for us. It’s truly amazing!! 

Love you all!!! Thanks for all of your prayers!!
Love Hermana Sandstrom 

pictures from Casa Grande with Hna Galleguillos

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