Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 days and counting

May 7 2012

Okay Buenos Dias Familia Mia
Como Estan?
I hope everything finds you well and that you have a great time in Cali. So things with Hermana Trujillo were great, and actually tomorrow she will be set apart as a full time missionary and headed off to chile. Fun Stuff. So Tuesday we headed back into Trujillo to get my new Companion Hermana Galleguillos. (Yea with the combo of both of our last names the people have given up and we are now the Hermanas or just the misioneras.) Hermana Galleguillos is from Calema, Chile, its in the northern part. She is great!! I love her. We both feel like we are going to be here in Casa Grande for a long time, so it will be good. She is great, her first companion was Hermana Herrera so its been a good transition.

We have been busy working hard. We had a difficult time tracking down Hermana Santos this week and she still isn´t completely sure about her baptism for this Saturday, so if you could add her to your prayers this week that would be great. She wants to be baptized and loves coming to church, but is nervous about her baptism in the Pentecostal church and that her neighbors are doing witchcraft on her house. It’s an interesting situation.

So remember Gian Frank, well for the last three weeks we have not been able to get a hold of him, we look for him at all different hours of the day and we can´t seem to run into him.  But we have begun to teach his mom and sister; Fabiola and Maria. They have come to church but still want more faith.  But yesterday we had a miracle and finally got a hold of Gian Franko. IT was a miracle and we had a great lesson. He had some good hard questions for us. He said that he was reading in Helaman 14 and in verse 27 it says that the world was dark for 3 days. but in the bible it says only 3 hours. Oh that one had us stumped. So i told him we would research it and find an answer for him. What do you guys think?
He other question was when did the 12 apostles receive the Holy Ghost. another good one. We found the answers this morning.
Good luck!!

Well Saturday we were back in the clinic again and I have been given another list of preventative drugs. But we asked him about the list that you sent and he said well if you want this one we can give it to you. haha. so we have a bunch and are going to start trying them. But yesterday nothing was different, and so far today nothing. But Thanks for your prayers, I know we´ll find the solution.

Love you all lots!!!
6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hna Sandstrom

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