Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mothers Day report

Mom post:
It was so awesome to sykpe with Kaylee for Mother’s Day.  She looked and sounded great!  She found out on Saturday that she was going to be transferred back to the city near the mission office on Monday (see why below).  Because of the transfer, she didn’t get time to write a regular email, so I will give an update on her headaches and summarize our Sunday conversation.

The preventative medication given her by the neurologist was not helping.  Sister Turk got the area medical missionary involved but he didn’t feel like he could do much more than what Kaylee was doing. Sister Turk talked to a local surgeon friend who recommended a Demerol shot – but couldn’t prescribe it since he hadn’t seen her.  So President and Sister Turk went with Kaylee on Thursday to see the neurologist and ask him to prescribe the shot.  The neurologist paid a lot more attention to Kaylee this time (Presidents presence she says) and explored a new idea. (answer to prayers- I believe) He focused on how tight her neck muscles were.  By the time they left, they all felt good about the new direction and suggested treatment of muscle relaxants, physical therapy and neck massages. (I think tension/migraine headaches will be easier to treat and prevent than the previously diagnosed inexplicable migraines.)  So Friday she went in for a cat scan, just to make sure everything was okay and then had some injections in her neck.  She was then to start some physical therapy and neck massages this week.  This is the reason she was transferred back near the mission home.

Here is a note from Sister Turk–on Friday 5/11 
“We just got home from Hermana Sandstrom's procedure of the relaxers injected into the neck muscles.   She did great…  President Turk and I were a little dizzy.  But I did take photos the whole time.  She had her Scan this morning.  Everything was normal.  She had six injections into the muscles of her neck.  She was very brave.  She will spend the night with us.  And then on Tuesday she starts physical therapy and massage.  She will have 7 sessions to start with.  Everything is great.  She will be anxious to fill you in on Sunday.”  

She told us more about her procedure on Friday.  She said she was pretty brave as they gave her 6 shots in her neck.  And then her and her companion thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon and night in the mission home with Hermana and President Turk.  She can’t say enough wonderful things about them. 

She said she didn’t have a headache on Saturday and just a dull one on Sunday – so an improvement – yea!  We feel such gratitude.  A tension headache will be easier to treat and control and without the worries of all the different meds they were trying.

She did find out on Sunday that President would be making an emergency transfer for her.  She needs to be close to the mission home for her therapy.  She knows that is what needs to happen because she can’t spend all that time on the bus coming into the city for therapy.  But she was very sad about it.  She has loved being in the country – She has fallen in love with the area and the people there.  She has only been with Hermana Galleguillos for a couple of weeks and has loved working with her.  She is going to work hard to get better quickly and hope to get back to Casa Grande and this companion in the future.

They had two investigators that were close to setting baptismal dates and she was especially sad about missing those.  When they went to share the news both decided they wanted to be baptized before Kaylee left.  So GianFranko was baptized Sunday afternoon and Santos was baptized Monday morning before the transfer.  She was so happy and will send pictures next week.

All in all in was a wonderful conversation.  She glowed with the spirit and her short Spanish conversations with her companion sounded great.  She loves the people of Peru and was even excited about her new pensionista (cook) being famous for cooking guinea pig.  She was ready to try it.  She has found chicken and rice to be great food and she eats it almost every day. 

She sends her love and thanks to everyone – especially for all the prayers in finding a solution to the headaches. 

We are so blessed by her service and grateful for a wonderful valiant daughter.  Thank you all for sharing this experience with us.

Here is just the little bit she did write: (5/14/12)

So I just talked to ya´ll yesterday and i didnt´think we would be able to write because of the transfer. I only have a minute. 
So the baptism of GianFranko was great, we were late, but its all good.
And the baptism of Santos this morning was awesome too.
I´m so so happy that I was able to be there for both of them. They are awesome and it will be fun to hear how they share the gospel with their families.
I was so happy to talk to you guys yesterday. I have the best family ever!!
Love you all tons.
Hna Sandstrom

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