Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time to Fly :)

Lima bound...
It’s hard to believe three weeks have passed and I will be flying to Peru on Wednesday. It’s going to be extremely hard leaving Hermana Bosco and Elder O'neal. I see them at least twice every day and it’s such a strength to be able to receive a hug from Hermana Bosco. I love her so much and she is such a great example to me! And elder O'neal is so great! Even though he can't give me a hug that handshake means a lot. They are awesome missionaries and will touch so many people!  

So this past week was a very uplifting week. Last Sunday we had fast Sunday, and mission conference. Mission conference was a two-hour session where we got to listen to all of the members of the MTC Presidency. It was so cool; you knew they were speaking directly to you, and your specific circumstance. There were some great talks about pride and the temple, and the prophets. One talk was about having faith, being worthy, and having the spirit with you. I know that if we have the spirit with us we will be able to, and want to do the things the lord has planned for us.

Thank you so much for all fasting for my visa. That is incredible! It is amazing what happens when the lord has a plan for us. There was a sister that got reassigned this week because after being here for 9 weeks, she was reassigned to Temple Square. There are also so many missionaries that just stay here for longer. I must really have a purpose and some important work to do in the Lima MTC if I got my visa right on time. Thanks for all of the prayers. I'm scared to death going to Peru already, my spanish is nowhere near the level to go speak it fluently all the time. Ah! Keep the prayers coming please!

So this past Tuesday our fireside was by Don. Clarke of the quorum of the seventy. He did an awesome job and I was able to find many messages that applied to me. One was, remember what it means to be Hermana Sandstrom. I love this! I challenge each of you to remember what it means to be you. What things can you change to be a better witness of Christ? Remember what it means to be a daughter or son of GOD! There are so many blessings and promises there, that if you strive to live worthy to those you will be immensely blessed. Another line from the same talk is, write in your heart what you are going to be. Remember who you are and what you want to be in your heart. Make it a permanent change. Don't take off more than you can handle but start with a small change of heart, and an action. You will see and feel the Lord’s hand in your life.

So this past week we had the chance to go to a training lab. We got to go in rooms and meet with members who spoke another language. We were supposed to go in and get to know them in Spanish and then give them a spiritual thought. all in espanol. I was so nervous. I almost had tears in my eyes. When we got in there, it was our guys first day. So he spoke to us in Spanish as much as we knew and then he gave us advice on what to talk about and what our investigators need to hear first. The next person we went to was fabulous. no ingles and i was able to  talk to him in 100% Spanish. So great! In his notes to our teacher he said that when we testified, our Spanish was perfect!! Such a testimony of relying on the spirit!.  Later that afternoon we went to start with a new investigator, Miguel. It’s really our teacher but this was a new start for us. I was able to give the whole lesson with only looking at my notes a couple times. but I didn't read them!!1 Like I had in the past. I was so happy. I was able to teach by the spirit, and it was awesome. I can now pray and testify completely in Spanish too. So powerful when you have the spirit of the lord helping you!!

Last night we had the chance to eat dinner with President Brown. He just came and sat next to us. He asked us to give him 10 scriptures from the Book of Mormon that talk about the atonement. We had a little trouble but we got them all. Just watch next fireside and devotional our district will be bearing our testimonies and praying (that’s how it works here) Here is another challenge, find the ten scriptures in the Book of Mormon that talk about the atonement. There is only one in the bible. And don't cheat using the index and topical guide.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I am so grateful to be here on my mission and to be studying the gospel and learning how to teach others how to come unto Christ and be baptized! I love you all!!!
Hermanas Steimle, Adams, Eddings, Sandstrom
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