Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mom's post

It was so great to talk to Kaylee on the phone Wednesday morning when she was at the airport.  She was so excited.  She sounded so good and on fire.  She couldn't tell us enough about how wonderful the MTC was.  She thoroughly enjoyed General Conference and wanted us to all tell her what our favorite talks were and what we learned.  She was quoting speakers right and left and telling us how she had been impacted by it all.  She was feeling good about being able to pray, testify and teach parts of the lessons in Spanish.  She said she had become quite the crier though, always being so touched by the spirit.  She sent her love to everyone and thanks for all the love and support.  Maybe we'll get to talk to her again in six weeks when she flies to Trujillo.  We did get an email Thursday morning from Peru (see previous post).  You can still write to her at - and if you submit it by Sunday at midnight, it will go in Tuesday's pouch to Peru.

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  1. You are the best Kaylee! FELICITACIONES EN TU MISION!!!
    Love JJ