Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lima MTC one week in

Hola Familia!!

(this was directed at Connor and Parker and in response to Connor’s recent stitches under his eye from a football incident) You boys are going to love it here. Soccer is the biggest thing!! At our gym time all the elders just play soccer hard core. An elder in my district went to head the ball the other day, and ended up colliding with another elders head. They both left our cinderblock area for the real world to get stitches. Soccer is so intense. I can't wait for you boys to come you can get some awesome jerseys and soccer shoes for super cheap, so save up your money. I MISS YOU.

Things are going better here. My spanish is definitely improving, I think, but you'll have to ask my latin companion. Hermana Sanchez. She is from lima and understands some english. I still have lots to learn. I didn't really talk much the first couple of days because I didn't feel like I knew how to say things. Then after a fireside where we were asked questions about our companion, we decided we needed to break out and start getting to know each other as best we could. It’s so funny as we try to piece sentences together.

Our schedule is a lot the same. We have class all day, 45minutes for meals, which every meal consists of chicken rice and bread. They are very sensitive about food, so if you take it you have to eat it. Yea its kind of annoying, I'm scared to try new foods because if I don't like it, I am stuck with the whole thing.  Its pretty good but most of their food is served cold. but oh well. one of my favorites for breakfast is a less sugary frosted flakes with yogurt, pretty good.

Just like in provo, monday was my hardest day yet on my mission. We had to teach a REAL investigator and she spoke so so fast! It was nuts. I didn't understand a single word, we had a member (a teacher) in with us and he asked me mid lesson if i wanted him to translate. He is one of the only teachers that speaks english. So he translated and at the end I shared a scripture and bore my testimony at what I later learned they were talking about. It was a mess. But then again, same as before in Provo, Tuesday was my best day teaching.  H. adams and I have stopped preparing as much. We study the basics but not word for word. Our lessons go so much better when we do that. We can actually teach by the spirit and answer the questions of our investigators. It went great and each day it gets better.

This morning we got to go to the Lima temple. It was awesome! I didn't use the translating head phones at all and I knew what was actually going on and what was being said by pulling out the words that I know. It was awesome. I didn't need to understand it, I mainly just need a spiritual recharge for the next week.

After the temple we went with our assigned group to to-tus, which is their version of walmart. It was great. We had to turn in all food that we had when we got here so it was nice to find some real food before we ventured back to the ccm (which stands for Centro de Capacitacion Missional or mtc).  Now we have to rest of the day to take a nap and write letters               

Thanks again for all of the love and support!
ps. here is the challange for this week. Go watch the Joseph Smith movie in salt lake (we get to watch church movies on sunday nights) and find something in that movie that really inspires you. Not joseph smith but a quote or something you can change in your life to become better.

love and hugs!!

H. Sandstrom

MOM NOTE - WE JUST FOUND OUT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEND LETTERS TO KAYLEE AT THE MTC AFTER OCT 26TH- because she won't get it before she leaves.  AT THAT POINT SEND THEM DIRECTLY TO HER MISSION.  EITHER THROUGH DEARELDER.COM (choosing the Peru Trujillo mission) or the pouch: Peru Trujillo Mission POB 30150 SLC 84130-0150 

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