Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only 3 more weeks

Hola Familia!

Sorry for the delay this week, the head people of international mtcs were here visiting Wednesday and the president didn't want us all gone on p day, so it was moved to today-Friday. That made for a really long hard week but oh well. On the bright side we have another p day on Wednesday. yea

So good to hear from all of you! So good to read your emails. I haven't gotten any hard mail or dear elders since I came but I love speed reading your emails.

So here’s a recap of this past week. We got to go out side of the mtc and act like real missionaries. On Saturdays we get to go out and tract. We went out last Saturday night and did some street contacting. I was so nervous!! I could hardly eat my dinner of chicken and rice (I know, I don't know what I was thinking ;)  as we were finishing eating Hermana Adams and I were joking around and she said watch you will go out there have an awesome time and maybe even speak some English to someone. We just laughed. So as we were out tracting we just started stopping people on the street and got to know them, we would tell them about the church. We ended up getting 7 references for it!  It was so awesome. But here is the funny part. We had stopped a guy and were talking to him. I gave my very fast version of "we are members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints" (everybody talks so fast here, its nuts) and he asked where I was from. I laughed because he new my spanish was so bad, I told him the united states and he started speaking to me in english! It was so funny! He works with a company in the states and could speak english really well. I had a hard time trying to think of how to teach the gospel in english. I we ended up talking to him for quite some time, and I ended up being impressed to share the Book of Mormon with him. The only copy I had with me had markings in it that I should use for teaching and notes in the margins. I really felt like he needed it though. So all in all I gave him the copy. I felt so great!!! If this is what its going to feel like for 18months I’m so excited. So it ended up being just like Hermana Adams predicted.

But here is the scary part. Tomorrow when we go out, our goal is to get into 5 families houses and teach them the first lesson and have them want to have us back. Ah!! I'm so so nervous again. I have a hard time understanding fast spanish, and thats the only language people speak outside the mtc. haha

So remember how I love diving in and studying the scriptures. Well I love it and everyday this past week I have become to love it more and more.  Hermana Adams, another elder in our district and I have been going at it. We ask some pretty hard questions or get some hard questions from our investigators and we have to find the answers in the scriptures. Here is one for you… in Matthew 18:18 it says.... and this same scripture is where in the Book of Mormon?  Good luck. And another one is why can't women in our church hold the priesthood?  Back it up with a scripture. Or find any scripture about the apostasy. It so fun! I wish I knew the bible better. It is such a great teaching tool down here because they are all Catholics. Which I think is awesome because they have a base and a belief in Jesus Christ. That makes it so much easier than atheists.

So there really isn't anything new going on here.  All of the advanced North Americans leave on Tuesday along with our Latinas. Then we will all get new missionaries from the states and Latinas for our last three weeks. It’s so weird that I only have 3 more weeks here in the mtc. It feels like I need a lot more time, but at the same time I feel like I have been in the mtc forever.

So this past week I had a pretty good break down. We have to write a letter to our mission president every week and he asked us to share stuff that we would be having a hard time with.  Well I wrote him about Lindsay and ended up having a break down later that night.  Not just a small break down -- I haven't had a break down like this for almost 2 years. Hna Adams stayed up with me most of the night crying, it was bad.

I love you and thanks for remembering me in your prayers.  

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