Sunday, October 9, 2011

Made it to PERU

Well we made it to Peru! Late late Wednesday night.  We had a great time finding 20 missionaries luggage and getting through customs. It was a very long day of flying. I was so exhausted by the time we got here. But I did have a very cool experience on the plane. I gave away my first Book of Mormon and talked to this man all about the church. It was awesome, and David was so curious. he is from long beach California and has taught high school Spanish for years. He is retired and just travels around the world. He has a house in Spain, Long Beach, Argentina  and Peru. He just rents them out when each visa expires and moves on to the next place… such a great life. He was incredible and i had a great time getting to know him. Hopefully he will continue to read the book i gave him and will follow Moroni's promise.

Well Peru is an interesting place. It is a huge adjustment.  So different from utah, and the provo mtc.  There are only four bedrooms (so 20 hermanas) of hermanas compared to the 2 plus buildings we had in provo. I love them already though. we have two compaions, one english and one latina. But my latina companion never showed up last night. I don't really know what is going to happen with that though. they aren't very organized, so we'll see.  But to the best part.  My english companion is HERMANA ADAMS (from my mtc district)!  So wonderful to see her last night when I walked in my bedroom. I missed her so much.

Since I got here last night it has been rough. Things are so different and EVERYTHING is in Spanish. I'm so lost and confused. I’m in a foreign country, not just for a month or a couple of weeks but for 17 months. WOW. Its so overwhelming and the adversary is getting to me. Please send prayers and love my way.

Our ccm (mtc) president is challenging us to read the book of mormon in three weeks. Just to get the whole story, no underlining. Just reading. Who wants to join me? After that for the last three weeks we are here, we will read the new testament or doctrine and covenants. It will be an awesome experience. I met with the ccm president this morning and he is very nice, he is retired from the military so things around here are pretty strick. but taht will be good. I have heard that it is mainly for the latinos, because they have a hard time with a schedule and rules.

This ccm will be great, and we get to go on a tour of Lima and experience the culture when we get to our three week mark. so that will be fun. the food this morning was awful. it was some kind of egg thing with about a cup of salt in it. I tried to put it inside my roll thing, but it didn’t help. the milk is so watery  and they eat their cereal with yogurt. oh man this is going to be an interesting experience. hopefully I loose 100 pounds from not eating. :) 

Love Hermana Sandstrom

Leaving behind great friends at the Provo MTC 

Hermanas Sandstrom & Bosco
Elder Ensign - my 'little' brother

Sister Marilyn Foster from our old Holladay ward

My Awesome District

a bunch of new 'little' brothers
Hermana Ray in Peru - she was in the Provo
Hermana Adams from my MTC district is my new companion in the CCM


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