Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Major Switch

So yesterday I officially changed my major. When I say I have just changed my major everybody reply's "again?" No, Not again!! I started out a Undeclared Business Major, then went to FCHD and now to my Family Consumer Science Major. This is the third, so no not AGAIN!!
I am really excited about this major. It is really what I want to do. I love sewing and cooking. With this degree I will get my teaching license. This degree has a 100% job placement outside of the state of Utah, and smaller with in. And I will be able to teach in a school, or from my house. Plus I don't have to get a masters!! YAY.

Well stay tuned for more info, but as for now I will be graduating Dec 2013. (gag, but I'm happy with it. Hopefully by taking summer class I will be able to graduate sooner.)

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