Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have been celebrating this wonderful holiday all month long. We have been carving pumpkins, going to the pumpkin walk, making caramel apples, been to DI to find costumes, we went to the Haunted Labs, and then of course Halloween night.

Carving Pumpkins was a blast this year, we all did something different. Kelli did her's for North Carolina, Lauren did a ghost, Hannah did a normal pumpkin face, Jen did the Nike Swoosh, I did an owl, and Vanessa did a butt. She found a pumpkin that had a crack in one side of it so she picked it up and decided to do it as a butt with a thong in it. Wow.

On the friday before Halloween we weren't doing anything and we decided to go to the Haunted Labs on campus. It was great. I hate being spooked, scared or startled. I was very hesitant about going, but i didn't want to sit home, so I decided to suck it up and go. I figured I would bail out just before we went but no I went through the whole thing. Most of the time I just kept my eyes forward, going as fast I could. There were some parts that I had hold of Vanessa and Hannah pretty good. Looking back I seem like a total dork, but at the time I was not amused.


Then Saturday night when Utah celebrates halloween, all my friends and roommates were headed to the Howl or a dance at Hamiltons. I didn't want to pay money to go to the Howl, especially the atmosphere. So I really wanted, and planned on going home, again. I have been home so much this semester, its crazy! My mom told me to stay in logan and meet some people and make new friends, and go to my ward. One night after choir I met Ally's friend, Brynne. We became buds, and decided to do something that weekend, because we were both in the same predicament. We planned to have a potluck dinner with who ever wanted to come, then to go to the first basketball game, then see where the night takes us. We ended up eating dinner at Brynne's friend Wes's house, he made homemade ribs. DELICIOUS!! Then we played games until game time, after we wanted to go miniture golfing at this haunted place, but we got there and it was closed because of the rain. We decided to then go hot tubbing at Maple Valley and then watch a movie. It was such a chill night. We all just relaxed and enjoyed one another's company. ( Sorry no pictures, I didn't have my camera)

The following day was the real Halloween, and we decided to have a themed Sunday dinner, and invited some guys we had met at the hot tub a couple of days before.

We had a grand ol time cooking dinner and preparing. Here is what we made.

Jello with worms and berries
Candy Corn Pizza and Mummy Dogs

Dirt Cups with worms and head stones.(These were my favorite)

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