Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Indian Summer

So it is November and we are having days in the 60's, its gorgeous. It has been great to still be able to be outside and still walk to class with out freezing to death. Today I went on a hike with Alyssa, Shelby and their friends.

Then Jen, Ally and I went to the USU Football game. It was a beautiful day for Football. USU beat New Mexico State, 27 to 20. BYU beat UNLV 55 to 7. and TCU beat Utah 47 to 7.

Now I'm just chilling at home on a saturday night (which is now known as date night). All of my roommates and friends are out on dates and I'm just chilling at home watching friends and working on my photo blog. Check it out at


  1. Impact shirt.


    I miss Logan in the fall.

  2. Oh Impact. It was fun while we tried. I miss you! I love the adventures you are having in the land down under.