Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If you drink cold pop you will catch a cold.... :S

(we didn't get any explanation on the email title - must be someone's words of wisdom she is passing on) 

January 28, 2013

Hola Familia! 
Como Estan? Hace mucho sol aqui pero es major, yo creo que la nieve. :)

So this week has been good, about the same as last week, but good. I’m good. It’s been a hard week, I’ve been a little discouraged. I shouldn´t be. But yea...... teaching and investigator wise. I want to be constant, not have weeks that are super great and then others that are horrible. And we trying to have investigators that I will leave my companion with.  But this past week we haven´t been able to find anybody, and if we try to be persistent they get offended. But I’m just frustrated … I'll be fine though.

I´m not sure if I told you last week but we found a family!!! The parents aren´t married :( ) and have some problems (we had quite the encounter with them this past weekend).  They have three kids. They missionaries were visiting one teenager about two years ago, but the area got shut down right when she was about to get baptized. But last week, we saw the dad sitting outside on the corner of the house, and we contacted him and he let us in. They are good. The parents really want us to help the teenager. They think that she is heading down the wrong path. But from what we can see she is great!  Two of the kids have a baptism date!!  We are pretty excited for them. We are also teaching one of the kids friends and they really have an interest! 

helping mamita prepare the cuyes (guinea pigs)
So this last week for pday we made Pachamanca (mom note – Wikipedia says Pachamanca is a traditional Peruvian dish based on the baking, with the aid of hot stones).  We dug a hole. lit a fire, put some rocks on top.  Then we put meat and stuff on the rocks and then some banana leaves on and covered it up with dirt. And in 45 minutes; it was done. It was quite the day, but it tasted delicious. Maybe we will have to try it when I get home. 

Also this past week was the birthday of Hno Guillermo (he is the husband of my pensionista) he wanted to eat cuy (guinea pig)!! Do you guys want to try cuy when you come? It tastes like chicken. 

Oh and guess what..... Bryan and Damaris got permission from their mom!!!!! We sent them home with a bunch of Liahonas and she started reading them-- and she said yes!!! So next time they come to Trujillo they will be baptized -  wahoo!!!

I don´t really have too much to share this week. But I want you to know that I love you and think you are all the best! 

Never forget that your Heavenly Father loves you!  He never gets tired of listening to us. 

Love you lots!
Hna Sandstrom

 We did some painting this week for Zone Service –

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