Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feliz 16 Messe (months)

January 14, 2013
Hola Familia! 

This week has been one of the best weeks on my mission. 

So remember a while ago I told you about the nephew and neice of Hna Maribel. Well for the past two weeks we have been teaching them and they really want to be baptized. So we decided to do everything we could to make it happen. But we were in a battle all week. They could have gotten baptized with the permission of their aunt. But we didn’t know what was right. Well we had been praying all week. Multiple times a day, asking our heavenly father what was the best thing to do. As it came down to Friday day we both woke up with the feeling that they shouldn’t be baptized at this time. We have full confidence in God that he will give them the opportunity to be baptized soon. It just wasn’t the right timing for many reasons. It was so hard for us to not push for baptism. But God is good, and has blessed us.....

Friday was interview time with President Turk! It was amazing; so spiritual and so uplifting. We spent some part of the day talking about prayer. How we can pray always. Its not one of those things like being perfect that we can{t obtain. We really can’t become perfect but we are asked to try our hardest. But we can pray ALWAYS! But our talking is only part of the pray. We need to listen ALWAYS too. And it’s possible. Try it! You will hear so many more promptings of the spirit. 

When God takes things away, it’s for the better. But he also gives us blessings too. So Friday night we went to visit the family ___. We had a goal for ____ and ___ to get bapt and  Hno ___ had just gotten back from Ecuador on a business trip and it was fun to catch up.  We started teaching the Sabbath day holy and he just wasn’t getting it. Looking for loop holes and everything. We were kind of frustrated and the others seemed bored. But after we said the closing prayer. Hna ___ said that she wanted to tell us something.....Uh okay..... She said that she has been talking to her husband and praying and she wants to GET BAPTIZED ON THE 19TH! We were shocked and we could hardly breathe or say anything. Their friend is here from Utah and he will be baptizing her this saturday! Oh my gosh it was amazing! 

I am so grateful that God listens to our prayers. He knows better than us. And he blesses us when we are obedient to his council!!

Love you all!!Have an amazing week!
Hna Sandstrom

Oh I made Hna Turks blog
– we won the puzzle game in record time :)
thanks to the Barkers and my puzzle abilities, 
most of the Latinos have never done puzzles. 

YIPEE ....Kaylee sent photos, 
Hna Turk posted photos and
a member in her area sent some via Facebook

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