Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A week of sayings :)

Feb 4 2013

This week again has had its ups and downs. But there have been some moments that have made me laugh out loud.  It was much better this week except yesterday when until we saw the horrible way someone was treated by a family member.  No details to share with everyone --but thank you mom and dad for always treating me right.  I am so grateful and love you more than words can describe.

Great news! Roxanne is getting baptized this week.

Most of you know that I love quotes and sayings.  And almost everyday this week I have found a new saying.  (amazing how the Lord knows each of us and how to brighten our day)
Okay so lets start with Monday

Monday: We had family home evening with family in our ward. Hno Alva has cancer in his brain, but he is almost to the 5 year mark, which his doctor said is great. It means his body is accepting it and still being able to function. Their son left just over two months ago for the mission, but this family is as strong as a rock. During our lesson he said "Jesus es lo Maximo" (Jesus is the best!) It was great. Jesus Christ really is the best. He has done so much for me and every single one of us. He is always there for us. He is ALWAYS listening. 

Tuesday: So Tuesday was rough and I was kind of discouraged.  But as we were coming home from our district meeting I saw a sticker in the bus that said. "Hoy es un nuevo dia con Dios" (Today is a new day with God) Which is so true. Everyday is new. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, everything can change and be better the next day. ANd it was. We did have a better day and that day we found 3 new investigators!! 

Wednesday: Things were still looking up. Wednesday night we went to visit a couple that is less active. They are fabulous and we have become great friends with them. He served a mission in Conception, Chile (I'm getting to hear from him what Cy is experiencing right now :) ) But this night we went with the Bishop to visit them, so they can set up interviews to move forward with their goal to be sealed in the temple. She is so excited to more forward with her family history work. The bishop said "Necesitamos buscar unidad no igualdad"(We need to look for unitynot equality)  (I’m having a hard time even speak english any more) But its true, in companionships, or in marriage what ever it may be. 

Thursday: I don't have a quote for this day, but we did hear from Roxana that she wants to get baptized this next weekend, and her dad will be baptizing her!!!  So happy dunking this weekend!

Friday: We have been teaching two sisters, and they have lots of problems in their family. Thursday one of them told us "Desde que ustedes vinieron, hay mas amor en nuestro casa.   (Since you guys have been coming, there is more love in our house) Things like this make me smile. The gospel of Jesus Christ is love! We can be happy when we apply the principles of the gospel. (Please pray for this family this week, they are going through lots of trails!)

Saturday, not much.... but we did have an ‘alza la voz’ (mom note – no idea what that is or how to translate it- a speak out?) and we got to go by the temple. They are moving forward. :)  Although we could only see a bit it’s exciting to see.

Sunday:  Angel told us "La vida es llena de detalles" (Life is made up of the details) Which is true. The small moments make up everything. We need to try everyday to make sure our details are happy ones. Because those are the marks that will be there for forever. 

Another quote from testimony meeting. A sister was going through the temple to be sealed to her husband (he had passed away two years before). She didn't have anybody who was going to represent him, so she said "Hna Irma, prestame su esposo". It was so funny. 

Oh I love people. I love the gospel, I love how it is the only way we can really be truly happy!!! 

Its not always easy and we all have our struggles. But be grateful! Love your family. Express your love to your parents. 

Love you!!
Hna Sandstrom

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