Monday, January 21, 2013

ups and downs

January 21 2013

Hola Familia Mia! 

Espero que ustedes estan 
bien y firmes en el evangelio 
de Jesucristo! 
(I hope you all are good and 
firm in the gospel of Jesus Christ)

This week has had a lot of high moments and only a couple low ones. To start off the week we had some great leadership training on Tuesday with President and Hermana Turk and all of the leaders of the mission. And ALL of the Hermanas in the mission were invited to come, because very soon, all of the Hermanas will be training and helping to move the mission forward. It was a great day. I felt so uplifted to learn how we have started a new page in the mission and how missionary work is changing all throughout the world.  It was great to counsel together as hermanas and plan what we can start doing now to help all of the new hermanas that will be coming. There is lots of work to do, but I can´t think about that yet. I just have to think about it a little at a time or I get overwhelmed. 

So after the training meeting we went to the church and Hna Lida was waiting for her baptismal interview. I have never had a baptism that went so smooth. It was great! 

Other than the baptism, this week it was tough. A lot of our investigators that we have had, have decided to stop progressing, or they have moved. By Friday night we had taught only two lessons. It was horrible, but we didn´t know what else to do. We have been walking A LOT and looking and praying.  We have asked everyone for references. It was just one of those weeks when we didn´t know what else to do. 

But one night after the stake choir practice, (the stake president asked a few of the missionaries to participate because there weren´t enough YSA participating) I asked the elders to give me a blessing. It was just what I needed. The priesthood is so powerful!!! And everyday I am more and more grateful that I have had the priesthood in my home my whole life. My companion received one too and said that it was only her 3rd blessing in her whole life. I can´t even imagine. I’m so grateful that my Heavenly Father is mindful of me and of my needs. I Promise as a servant of Jesus Christ that he knows EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!! We are his sons and daughters. He wants us to succeed! 

So part of the week was hard, But Saturday was great! The baptism of Hna Lida was so special. About a year ago, Hno Ruben and Hna Lida met Hno Gill and Pam Greere from Alpine Utah. Hno Gill invited them to listen to the missionaries, and this is where their journey started. Hno Gill served his mission here in Trujillo, and is now helping the youth here leave on missions. Ruben and Lida went to dinner with Gill and Pam and that is when Lida decided to get baptized on the 19th. Hno Gill baptized her on Saturday and it was amazing!!! The spirit was so strong as Hna Lida shared her testimonio. Also they told us that Rosana will be getting baptized in Februray! We are having a Family Home Evening with them tonight, hopefully we can set a date. (Pray for her!)

Thanks so much for your love and prayers!
Love you!
Hna Sandstrom

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