Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Favorite Family

August 6, 2012

Hola Familia Mia!! (y Amigos!)

Hey! How are you All? How’s life going? What’s going on with you guys?

So life is going good here in Nuevo Chimbote. We haven´t had a whole lot of working time in our area this week, but when we have, it has be great! My favorite family (in Peru of course, nobody can replace you guys, I feel so loved and thought of. THANK YOU!!) is Roger and Pilar.  They are doing awesome! They are completely changing their lives for the gospel. Hna Pilar and Hno Roger each have such a strong testimony of the gospel. They are so prepared. They were waiting for us. I know that they needed Hna Cornelio and I, and not any other missionaries. Its incredible how the things we have said and the things they feel come from our testimonies. And what they feel when they come to church. We have been helping them today get all of the paperwork ready to get married. They want to get married the 14th.

And so even though I will terribly sad to not be with Calais on August 14th, I will be happy to be at a different type of wedding. I hope that this will help numb my pain of not being with you Cal!. LOVE YOU LOTS!

Hna Pilar
But Roger and Pilar are seriously the cutest family. Here is a picture of me and my comp with hna Pilar, but I´ll work on getting one of the whole family. I feel like if nothing else has been worth it for me to come to Peru, admidts all the pain and head problems. It was worth it to know that I have helped them come to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the most precious thing that we have.

This past week we got to go out visiting with our awesome pensionista. She is the best and makes the most delicious food. This is her grandson too. I might try and bring him home with me. He is adorable. And when we come for lunch and dinner, he is waiting by the window to play.  I love him.

our awesome pensionista (cook)
Fabiano, her grandson

They are having me rest tons to see if it helps the headaches, which I don´t like at all. I think this is the Grandpa John coming out in me (headaches and fighting rest). But I am praying really hard and I know so many others are praying for me too.  It’s just frustrating. 

But I do have faith that things are going to get better. I know that God will answer our prayers, It may not come when we want, and it doesn´t depend on how many people are praying but it is the will of God.  And we can´t loose faith. Thank you so much for your faith and prayers. I am seriously strengthened. I don´t know how I am still going at times but I am able to make it through. I know that he will help me through, because I am HIS MISSIONARY. And I love this work will all of my Peruvian heart.
Love you lots!!
Hna Sandstrom

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