Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank You Gardener for Cutting Me Back

August 13 2012

Hola Familia Mia

I am doing good here, it’s been a pretty good week. 

This past week we had a great Mission Night, we did Lehi´s dream where we tied a rope all throughout the church, and then blind folded people. It was fun to watch the members tempt their friends. We had a great turn out, Roger and Pilar and their family came. They are really progressing, but their wedding stuff isn´t … this is Satan´s way of stopping their progress. Because we know that they are going to be great leaders someday.

This past week we had a work visit, and I was with Hermana Bond. She is from Bountiful, and is companions with Hermana Shearman. She told me that her mom is following my blog. 
So Hi mom from Hermana Bond-  J

Also last Sunday Walter received the Priesthood, and then yesterday he passed the sacrament.  It was great.

So I have been having these therapies from the nephew of the 2nd counselor of the mission.  He is blind and has a special gift. He has been rubbing my feet to find out what hurts and what is wrong with my body. He says maybe its my colon, or my cholestrol.  But it hurts SO BAD!! I was sobbing, I was screaming.  Oh it was so awful -- worth it I guess if it helped, but so far it hasn’t. :)

This past week along with my wonderful head, I have been caught with the gripe… which is the Spanish word for flu, strep throat, and any type of sickness that one may have. Its been quite fun.

I have realized that The Lord definitely brings us down before he can bring us higher. I remember the conference talk that said, ‘Thank you gardener for cutting me back’.  (FYI -it was D. Todd Christofferson April 2011
I know that this headache stuff is a trial that he is giving me to help me become better. But Oh at times it’s tough. 

Here are some scriptures that I have found in my studies this week: DC 46:19 and DC 42:48-52 and Mark 5:34-36.  I know that through my faith I can be healed, but it’s figuring out what more I can do to strengthen my faith. I thought I had faith, but I am finding out that I need more of it. 

I am so grateful to be here in Peru, and to be in this Mission, with President and Hermana Turk, and with my companion. I am seriously so blessed and happy to be here. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I am so grateful for him and for the sacrifice that he made for me.  

I know that the Lord can take my pain away, or that he will give me the strength to make it through.

Thanks for your loves and prayers, and fasting. 

Hna Sandstrom 

 The dog is a Peruano Perro. 
They are so ugly!!
They have no hair. 
He lives with us. 

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