Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Beginning

Hola Hola!!
How are you family? I hope you have had a great time on the reunion circuit. I have missed you all so much. And have thought about you often. Also I have been wearing my Holt reunion shirt too. ;)

So this past week has been great!! I love my new companion. She is amazing! Her name is Hermana Cornelio. She is from Lima. But what is actually really cool is that she lived is Holladay Utah for a while. How crazy is that. A couple of years ago. She decided to go to Utah to visit. She lived with a family in Holladay, the Rindlesbachs, Do you know them mom? Anyway, she is amazing! Really! She is so happy and positive, and its so weird but we are basically the same person. Its fun speaking English and talking about Utah.  We have the same sense of humor and have made lots of plans to help the Ward. I haven’t had much time here
in the Ward so we are starting fresh and going to see miracles.

This past week we were coming back from lunch and we couldn’t get in our door. The key would enter but we couldn’t get it to turn. So we are on the second floor and their is a window right around the corner from the door. So we got the window open and she decided that she was
going to crawl through it and open the door, She stood up on the little kid plastic chair  to climb through and her foot went through the  chair. It was so funny. She has a couple of great scratches from the plastic and is okay, but it was so funny!

We have made progress with Lesly and Carla. Their mom gave them permission to be baptized, but the she wants them to have permission from their dad too. But they haven’t heard from him for a while. So we are playing the patience waiting game.

But we have seen a miracle happen this past week. Last Sunday night I went with another local comp, to visit a in active family. While we were there we met one of the sons that isn’t a member. Well we had a great lesson with him and then we got to know his wife a Little bit!
The are so prepared and ready!!! They are so excited to be baptized and want this for their kids!! They need to get married before their baptism date, which is the 18th of august, but pray for them this week please! Roger and Pilar.  

Love you all lots,
Hna Sandstrom
Ps. My headaches haven’t gotten better, but we are trying more and more pills. I don’t know what more we can try.

ps sorry I can’t send photos, we are at a new place and it doesn’t work

mom note: Since Kaylee could not upload any photos this week, I decided to share some from Hermana Turks's blog.  These are from the Mayorista Market in Trujillo - just some fun pictures of things Kaylee probably sees quite often. 
July 28th Peruvians celebrate their independence
from Spanish Rule in 1824 
July is Peruvian 

rice and grains - take your pick

quite the variety of sauces that are made every day

can you see the baggies of water tied above the food -
they swing them to keep the flies off

all kinds of olives with pungent taste that the
Peruvians love and North Americans do not

future missionaries? 

yep - goat heads for sale -- dinner anyone?

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